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    ARB JACK vs. Hi-Lift Jack

    Off topic... Or is it? Less than 30 seconds in and already admiring Mike’s cap from Draplin Design. Envious... Will regain my composure and watch the rest of the video.
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    US Southwest AluCab Shadow Awn 270 Awning Alu Cab Never Installed 270 Awning With Brackets, Load Bars

    I don’t know the specifics of the rack you were (are) trying to attach the awning to but wanted to throw this out to you just in case you haven’t come across it before. I’ve looked at them for some possible mounting solutions to awnings I have considered.
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    Ouray Area July 31st - August 4th Disperse camping sites

    Looking forward to your trip report as my wife and I will be making a trip to Telluride in September for the Blues and Brews fest and currently plan on traversing the Imogene Pass and other routes in the area.
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    Bedourie cooker/Dutch Oven.

    Very interesting... And thank you for putting this out there and including the initial pics. Would very much like to see some pics of it now that it has been seasoned and used.
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    Best light weight trailer for a TJ

    Take a look at this offering in these forums and see if it might work for you.
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    Ratchet / Sockets ...

    I'm enjoying it because I'm digging the Bulleit Rye converted glass... Very nice!
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    Overland Packages

    Very interesting. Good luck with these.
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    Big Bend National Park, 17-30 June, 2019

    It would be a “dry” heat. ;-)
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    Big Bend National Park, 17-30 June, 2019

    For just about anyone else, it would be too hot then... Coming from Phoenix, it should provide a little bit,of relief. Your time frame is leading up to a busy period for me in my “side hussle” but I’d be interested in a possible meetup. I might not be able to make it all the way down to Big...
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    Let them eat SPAM!

    Not really a camping meal, but I do like me a Loco Moco with Spam.
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    Hello Everyone! Newbie from the East Bay Area, California

    Welcome to the forum from West Texas. Enjoy your adventures, wherever they take you.
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    New member from Southern Cali!

    Welcome to the forum from West Texas. You should be able to find a lot of good advice from the knowledgeable people here.
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    New member from northern California

    Welcome to the forum from West Texas. Good looking LC you've got there.
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    New here from NorCal.

    Welcome to the forum from West Texas. Enjoy your adventures, any way you experience them.