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    99 Suburban as All Around Fun Mobile

    Good ol' GM pump rub claims another t-case. Back in July I took the risk of tearing my t-case apart and putting in the Merchant Automotive pump housing. I could tell that it had been "fixed" before and this one was also on it's way out
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Installed a new brush guard and replaced the torn steering wheel with a new one
  3. UltimaSanctus

    Supreme gas...

    I apologise if I started an argument or anything. I was just speaking from my personal experience with my turbo Chevy Sonic and official figures from Mazda about the turbo CX-5. These could just be two outliers...
  4. UltimaSanctus

    Supreme gas...

    In my Tahoe I run 89 because the engine just seems a bit "happier" with it. On N/A vehicles, for the most part, I would go with what the manufacturer recommends. On modern turbo cars, like the Sonic I used to have, I would say run premium even if the manufacturer says regular. From my experience...
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    NC Piedmont/CLT Meet-Up Planning

    I can pay for truck parts if someone wants to pay off my student loans haha
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    My 2011 Tahoe LT. build, a work in progress.

    Sweet rig. I have a similar platform in the back of my '04 Z71 except it's wood and weighs enough and is awkward enough that it takes two people to remove it...
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    The meaning of your screen name?

    No real meaning that I can think of but it started freshman/sophomore year of high school (~10 years ago) for my name on Xbox live and has turned into my name for anything online since. Not creative enough to change it haha
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    member map

    Currently working fine for me. I'm on Chrome with a Google pixel 2
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Probably should have done this a while ago but I installed a fire extinguisher in the Tahoe.
  10. UltimaSanctus

    US Southeast NC/SC Gorges State Park Ride

    Just adding a post as a place holder so I can find this thread easier. But I will be going
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    2004 Tahoe Z71

    So a week or so ago, a coworker told me about a problem for the 99-07 4wd GM trucks and SUV's called "pump rub." Basically, in the transfer case, the aluminum oil pump is on the main shaft "floating" in the magnesium tail housing. Since aluminum is stronger than magnesium, and there will be...
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Over the past three mornings (before it got too hot outside) I pulled the transfer case out of my Tahoe to do the "GM pump rub fix kit". Pulled it out Tuesday, replaced the part and reassembled the t-case yesterday, and reinstalled it with the help of my brother in law today. Aluminum pump vs...
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    US Southeast NC/SC Piedmont - Old NC 105 Ride

    So sadly my buddy isn't going to be able to make it with the Odyssey. When inspecting it earlier today he found 2 torn CV boots. Probably a bad idea to get dirt in there. Maybe next time
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    What Did You Do With Your Rig Today?

    Mounted up my new Ram Mount today. Drilled 4 holes in the cupholder and used some aluminum that I had left over from a project on a previous car as a backplate
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    Any K1500 Folk Out There??

    Nice rig. Makes me miss my old '93 K Blazer that was my first vehicle