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  1. Terry Everritt

    Camp Site Tips and Tricks.

    Picked up a set of these to house the kitchen accessories, it gets them up and out of the way.
  2. Terry Everritt

    US Southeast Florida ONF Fishing/Camping/Exploring

    unsure as we have something going on the 30th that may put us out of reach .... thanks for the invite, I will check in as soon as I get things sorted
  3. Terry Everritt

    Overland Trailers

    our pack mule
  4. Terry Everritt

    Post pictures of your camp kitchen

    Before the move to Florida
  5. Terry Everritt

    Central TX Monthly meetings

    Like this bird walking on a fish thing ... tight rope walkers have nothing on him ....
  6. Terry Everritt

    Central TX Monthly meetings

    great time tonight , nice meeting new faces and reacquainting with ones we meet last month. Looking forward to next month's. Terry and Tonia
  7. Terry Everritt

    Central TX Monthly meetings

    I'm in ... see you guys there .
  8. Terry Everritt

    ATX Rigs n Tacos (Austin TX) - 06/29/2017

    August 12 pm would be fine with me .. Saturday afternoon/evening
  9. Terry Everritt

    Ban One

    like this one ....think it would be great fun ... let the movies lines fly "I'm gonna go home and punch your ..... "
  10. Terry Everritt

    Rig Photos

    Thanks Jake, I have seen quite a few of your videos .... nice YJ/CJ ...T
  11. Terry Everritt

    Rig Photos

    Most recent ... contemplating ways to streamline the set up and take down . Usually about an hour .. needs to be no more than 30 min.
  12. Terry Everritt

    ATX Rigs n Tacos (Austin TX) - 06/29/2017

    what a great time nice to meet all of you . Tonia and I really enjoyed it. And just like Tabb and Abby said, we too are horrible with remembering names .. (we promise to butcher them later). It was nice to get to see the rigs and what have been done to all of them. Looking forward to the next...
  13. Terry Everritt

    ATX Rigs n Tacos (Austin TX) - 06/29/2017

    newbie here ... that is to OB.... We are planning on being there.. Terry and Tonia
  14. Terry Everritt

    Rig Photos

    Here is mine .