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    Uberlands slow-but-hopefully-steady Excursion build.

    I’m dumb. I just downloaded the app. I thought it was a new post. Truck looks good.
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    Uberlands slow-but-hopefully-steady Excursion build.

    Get wider rims to help with the stance. It will make the truck look and feel better.
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    Fitting 35"s on a Silverado

    For 35's you'll have to trim the front bumper unless you get a big lift.
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    Full size overlanding pros vs cons.

    I have both a Chevy 2500 and a Tacoma, both trucks are great for getting you where off road. The Tacoma is a smoother ride vs the 2500. The 2500 has more space to pack up. The 2500 can tow my trailer to any camp site with the fam. When you have a wife and kids the full size truck wins. When...
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    Full-size truck from Tracy - Ca (Norcal-ish)

    Welcome I like seeing full size trucks here
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    OB Approved Introduction to Recovery equipment

    Has anybody used the deadman recovery anchor? I saw the kick starters video and it looks good. Just looking for first hand experience.
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    Socal Meet up in Orange County?

    No Facebook.
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    Socal Meet up in Orange County?

    I'll be camping at stodderd wells in 2 weeks
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    Socal Meet up in Orange County?

    @Terry Pickens @LBBronc90 @9Mike2 It was good meeting you today sorry I couldn't stay longer. And for those guys I didn't get a chance to meet. We'll have to do it again soon.
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    Socal Meet up in Orange County?

    I'm going to try and stop by maybe for 5min at least.
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    2015 Silverado / 2009 M1101 Build Thread

    What's in the box...
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    Joshua tree/pioneertown Feb 10-12

    Wait, I think I'm missing something what happened? I'm not getting alerts for this thread. @Raul B looks like you had some problems. I hope everything is good now?
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    Hello from the Silicon Valley

    Very cool rig. do you have pics of the inside?
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    New member in California

    Welcome to the forum. Lets see a pic of the 89 Ram.
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    GMC 2500HD War Rig

    Nice looking truck. I glad to see another full size truck. I got a 2015 2500, it's heavy as ...But it has all the power I need at the moment.