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    FACEBOOK GROUP: Canada - Atlantic Region

    Hey! Yes, very much still active. We have not had a meet since the pandemic began due to various rolling restrictions with the pandemic, but we are planning something for when things ease. We have a FB group for the region, "Overland Bound - Atlantic Canada". Please request to join with your OLB...
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    Rath's Trailer Build - First Test Pull Done!

    Smart to look into it in advance. This is a great link to the various safety regulations for trailers within Canada, if you're ever interested. It's a bit dated, but most relevant information has not changed recently...
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    Atlantic Canada

    You're likely to get more input on this topic if you start it in a dedicated thread in the Atlantic Region Q+A Section
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    Has overlanding become elitist ?

    The reality is the hobby can draw "elitists", but it's for everyone. I have seen people drop crazy amounts of money on rigs and then have no idea (none) what they are doing after the leave they pavement and never really use the gear they have. I once helped someone stuck in a hole in their brand...
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    Rath's Trailer Build - First Test Pull Done!

    Looking good. What do you have planned for the tongue? Are you going to just do a single drawbar out for the hitch, or have a platform with additional ability to carry gear or a enclosed box? Seems your platform will be pretty flexible to modify as you want in the future.
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    Rath's Trailer Build - First Test Pull Done!

    Nice build. Following.
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    New Trailer

    I can't offer any first hand advice, unfortunately, they just don't exist in the wild here. There are some solid online resources for real world reviews - which I'm sure you've already looked into. Their reputation certainly is stellar and owner reviews I have seen have all been exceptional...
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    FACEBOOK GROUP: Canada - Atlantic Region

    Hi All, Just a reminder this FB group is active and we are looking to actively grow and connect with all members in our area. If you have not joined yet please send a request with your OLB member number so I can add you to the group!!
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    Canada - Atlantic Region Meetups

    Hey Grey, I'm a bit late on this. Just FYI, with everything going on we're not actively looking at creating rally points right now. That said, it has been awhile for one in our area, and that is in the works. As soon as things become a bit more stable we will be announcing a regional rally...
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    Atlantic Canada

    Touch base with the crew at NB Expeditions. You won't find anyone in NB that knows the overall trail system and way in and around NB like those guys. Enjoy the new location. NB really is a beautiful place with lots to explore.
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    Nice rig!! Welcome to the group. Make sure to check out the forums for tons of good info.
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    Atlantic Canada

    I'm not really sure for the Rovers. I use Northridge 4x4 for online stuff, and a few local shops here in Nova Scotia, but that's for a Jeep JK.
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    Atlantic Canada

    Keep us posted. We are due for a run here soon, so be sure to watch the forums!
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    CA Atlantic Canada Halifax Area Meetup - 03/30/2019

    That could work for me. Will have to check in later in the week.