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  1. Maverick9110E

    Texas Overland Scene, what is it like?

    Hey guys. I am looking at the possibility of a job transfer from here in NC to just on the west side of Fort Worth, TX. I'm farily familiar with Texas and the DFW area and have some family there but it's mostly been vacations here and there over the last 15 or 20 years. What is the Overland...
  2. Maverick9110E

    Rigs and Caffine in Wilson, NC 1/23/21

    Anyone else going? They posted an event over on Facebook. It's not my event but I'm planning on going. It's going to be at Down East Offroad on 1/23 from 9am-11am.
  3. Maverick9110E

    2021 Ford F-150 Tremor

    Looks like some nice upgrades over the regular FX4 package. Especially the front limited slip option. This is exactly what they needed. The FX4 package was definitely lacking compared to competitor top models without making the jump to a raptor. Plenty of tech goodies too...
  4. Maverick9110E

    Heading toward NC105 this week

    I have a few days off to burn this month and I'm off most of the week. Thinking of taking a day trip up Old NC 105 and maybe some other quick trails in the area. Just doing a day trip with the kid's and having some fun. If anyone is in the area or anything feel free to hit me up!
  5. Maverick9110E

    Hurricane creek

    I'm just hoping it doesn't get closed down soon. This is literally imo other than Uwharrie, the most popular offroad trail in the state at this point. The constant use is definitely taking its toll on the road. And if i'm not mistaken it's maintained by the Forest Service, and if the road...
  6. Maverick9110E

    Outer Banks in October

    We are here for the week now just in case anyone happens to be on the island
  7. Maverick9110E

    US Southeast North Carolina Brewery Meetup

    Definitely! Thanks everyone who showed up, hope everyone enjoyed themselves and had a good time! I know my family did. I'm going to try and put together another one the first Saturday (the 7th) in Saxapahaw and also hopefully put a trip together out towards Linville gorge area on 11/14. I'll...
  8. Maverick9110E

    US Southeast North Carolina Brewery Meetup

    I've highlighted some reccomended parking areas. Parking together will be tough or impossible. No places charge for parking downtown, just a matter of finding a spot. As far as the brewery we will start out by saying we'll be either downstairs or under the tent off the back of the downstairs...
  9. Maverick9110E

    Hello from Arizona - Volvo XC70

    Welcome! Good looking ride, there are more than a few Volvo's on the forum. You'll be in good company!
  10. Maverick9110E

    NC/SC Rigs & Coffee Meetup

    Were doing a brewery Meetup in Wake Forest but that's quite a ride from ya. There's also an overland adventure thing over at Uwharrie on thurs-sun this week too.
  11. Maverick9110E

    Montana Fly Fishing

    Yessir! Called Tenkara. Very cool for fishing small waters and creeks.
  12. Maverick9110E

    Montana Fly Fishing

    Once i started fly fishing a few years ago, the only fishing i do anymore is Salt Water (mainly surf) and fly fishing. Can't beat it! I'm trying to get some salt water fly fishing in as soon as I can. Just the thought of rocking the fish with a 1:1 ratio is amazing. No crazy gear ratio's on...
  13. Maverick9110E

    Put on some new Toyo AT/III

    Just put the same on the F150 a few weeks ago. I've logged about 2k miles on them so far. Love them. Road noise is a tick more then the terra grappler g2 but only if your trying to notice. They did fantastic off-road and in mud. And the price point is one of the best out there for the style...
  14. Maverick9110E

    US Southeast North Carolina Brewery Meetup

    Absolutely!! Looking forward to meeting you all! Looking at the brewery in Saxapahaw, we can rent it to ourselves for 2 hours for a very small fee. We can chat more when we meet up but I think it would be good for a November meetup! I'm thinking November 7th for a brewery Meetup and the...
  15. Maverick9110E

    Hurricane Creek SE Rally Point AAR and GPX file

    Glad you guys had a great trip! Sucks to hear about the Xterra for sure! Hope it wasn't to catastrophic for repairs!! Shame about the trash and overcrowding/trash.