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DMOS Stealth: a Lean, Mean, Shovel Machine

DMOS Stealth: a Lean, Mean, Shovel Machine


Gear review and photos by Mercedes Lilienthal

Jackson, Wyoming-based DMOS Collective designs and sells quality shovels to help you adventure: no matter if it’s digging your rig out after getting stuck or having it handy in case of emergencies. American-made DMOS shovels can even help build jumps for snowboarding or move soil to create and manage the perfect campfire.

The Stealth shovel is DMOS’ original award-winning shovel. Susan Pieper, DMOS’ owner, created a stout shovel that’s made from durable and non-rusting 6061 aluminum, packs down to 18 x 9 x 2.25 inches, and weighs a mere 3.3 lbs. This shovel’s handle nests into the shovel head, making it easy to stash under your vehicle’s seat or within your overlanding-inspired drawer system.

The DMOS Stealth has a slimmer head than a few of their other models, but it can adequately move snow, sand, dirt, etc. Pull out the telescoping and adjustable handle (which locks into place at 57″, 47″ and 35″ lengths); slip it into the opening at the top of the shovel head until the spring-loaded pins click into place, and you’re good to get yourself unstuck.

DMOS Stealth Shovel Handle
DMOS stealth shovel

Putting the DMOS Stealth to the Test

Upon testing it in frigid Wisconsin during the holiday season, its pointed rake-like teeth broke up crusty snow and chunks of ice easily. Using it to unbury a stuck Tacoma in Washington’s foothills during a 4×4 snow run was a cinch too (as long as you get the pins to lock into place). The Stealth begged to be used. It created bigger snow piles than others with their garden shovels. (Some folks even commented that the shovel looked cool, too.)

Our Safety Red test mule is comprised of a durable and smooth powdercoated finish. Although its teeth were baring silver aluminum after my initial testing period, it was great to know it wouldn’t rust. I did notice, however, that the powerdercoat had cracked off in a few places within the handle opening of the shovel head. But, it would be difficult for any paint or powerdercoat to adhere to such a thin and angular area of use. This is a shovel—it will get scratched and marred. But again, keep in mind with DMOS’ choice to use 6061 aluminum, it won’t rust.

The handle’s spring-loaded pins were difficult at times to push in to extend or retract the handle (especially with cold hands). It helps if you wad up fabric and use that in between your fingers and the handle to get the pins to activate. Once in place, however, the shovel was locked and ready for use.

If you’re looking for a durable and portable shovel, then the DMOS is for you. The Stealth moves pretty much any type of material, is small enough to fit just about anywhere, and would make a great addition to your recovery kit. Five colors available, price is $119.00.

DMOS Stealth
DMOS Stealth

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  1. I own an aluminum shovel that I used with a snowmobile to shovel snow and it works well, is light, packs small, etc. HOWEVER it wears out quickly if used in dirt or rocks, a serious drawback for overlanding in general.

  2. I don't know, I think I spent about $30 for my small steel shovel.  It's worked for at least 20 years.  Now, if the above shovel was a *tactical* shovel, sure, I could understand the pricing but "stealth"?  Not good enough… 😉

  3. I was a high end climber and skier for several decades and learned through use that yes, these types of shovels do move a lot of material fast but,,,,,being made from aluminum they will mar and break down very quickly if used on anything other than snow and ice. If you pry with this type of shovel it can bend and fracture as well. I used my aluminum avalanche shovel with similar qualities in aluminum for one winter season as a vehicle shovel and had to replace it as the damage to the leading edge was significant. If you’re digging in any type of dirt/rock etc this shovel will break down rapidly along the leading edge. You just can’t beat steel for a vehicle recovery shovel.