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2014 Long Travel Toyota Tacoma Rig Walk Around


This is a Rig Walk Around we have wanted to do for a long time. We were delighted Lisa and Nick, Overland Bound Members #1069, took the time to introduce us to their 2014 Toyota Tacoma Overland Setup with long-travel suspension!

It’s an impressive rig that has seemingly limitless configurations for trips of every type – from long distance, to rock crawling, and traveling with 2 people or 5. One look and you could easily think it would cost north of $100,000 to modify and outfit, but they assure us it is not true. Their strategy was to watch craigslist and forums, and buy used. They also do most of the work on the truck (if it does not require welding).

They spend most of their time trekking around the Sierras in California, and you might just run into them on Slick Rock Trail, but they also travel around the country whenever they get the chance. Enjoy more pictures of their epic adventures below and follow them on Instagram!

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