TemboTusk Skottle -Alternative or DIY

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Hey Everybody,

I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the TemboTusk Skottle Grill. I know generally speaking you get what you pay for and it is hard to replace genuine items, but I'm always open to trying things in order to stretch the almighty dollar. One setup I have seen is the following:

Cooking Apparatus (can be found occasionally $23 on warehouse deals)

Burner Setup (can be found occasionally $82 on warehouse deals)

Total Setup Cost approx. $105

I realize this may not fold down to as compact as size, and is more of a WOK style than a plow disc cooking style, but seeing if anyone has done a similar setup.


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I think you're going in the right Direction! It's really hard to beat the wok as the pot to rule them all.
We've got a Skottle. It is really cool, and useful; however, I find it's bowl to be too shallow for about 50% of what I like to cook...... My cast iron skillet on a single burner is my go to much more often. Both are great for meat, but when I want to toss those veggies in, It's the skillet that wins in my camp kitchen.
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I've spent the last week or so looking at Cowboy Woks and being in TN around a bunch of farms I've just sent out an SOS to see if anyone has an old cast iron plow disc I can have.

If for some reason that doesn't work out I've found a few vintage shops that have them for $20 or so and I'm just going to weld a patch in the center and grind out any rust and season it.

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I built my own. There is a diy on here. Just go to a farm store and buy a disc blade, weld the center shut and put some handles on it. And, disc blades are not made of cast iron.