camp cooking

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  1. North40overland

    Turn the Spice Rack "Up a Notch"

    My wife got creative and took the GSI Spice Rack to the next level. We LOVE IT!
  2. Donegal Overlanding

    Cast Iron Camp Cooking : Hungarian Stew

    Whenever we post a video, any video, we get complaints about having music, when we post any without music, we get complaints that there is no music. It is a difficult thing to try to cater to different personal preferences. With this video, our friend Stelian from Romania came over and we...
  3. mep1811

    My DIY article in Toyota Trails magazine

    The latest issue of Toyota Trails magazine has my DIY side table article. I have found this side table to be very useful. Hope you enjoy. Toyota Trails - May/June 2019 Issue
  4. Road

    SOLD Brand New Skottle and ALL Accessories - $325 + shipping

    SOLD! FOR SALE: BRAND NEW @tembotusk Skottle The Skottle is an 18” disc used for cooking. It stands 28” tall on removable legs and is heated with a 10,000 BTU Coleman single burner fueled by propane. You can use either single pound canisters or larger tanks. I strongly suggest a larger...
  5. ovrlndr

    Anyone using carbon steel for cooking at camp?

    I know cast iron is popular for cooking at camp, but I’m interested to see if anyone is using carbon steel pans instead of cast iron? For those unfamiliar with carbon steel, it’s similar in concept to cast iron in that it must be seasoned and eventually develops a slick non-stick coating, it...
  6. cerberus

    TemboTusk Skottle -Alternative or DIY

    Hey Everybody, I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the TemboTusk Skottle Grill. I know generally speaking you get what you pay for and it is hard to replace genuine items, but I'm always open to trying things in order to stretch the almighty dollar. One setup I have seen is the following...
  7. Corey

    Show Me Your Chuckboxes/Camp Kitchen Setups

    After we got back from vacation up at Mount Rainier National Park the second week of August, I began the hunt for a smaller/lighter chuckbox. I did not rally care for the other wooden offerings on the market, and I was going to pull the expensive trigger on the Kanz Kitchen, but he is pretty...
  8. Captain Josh

    Propane Distribution

    With the abundance of propane appliances for camping (stove, buddy heater, lantern, grills, tembo tusk, bug zappers, etc), does anyone have any tips/tricks for distributing fuel around a campsite? Is there an easy way to hook everything up, or do you carry multiple bottles?
  9. fledwell

    Grub Hub Camp Kitchen

    We recently commenced the build of a teardrop trailer and no longer need our Grub Hub Camp Kitchen. If you're not familiar with the Grub Hub, it's a fantastic piece of equipment and is a fully-integrated camp kitchen with plenty of storage for ALL your camping cooking gear along with an...