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  1. Road

    SOLD Brand New Skottle and ALL Accessories - $325 + shipping

    SOLD! FOR SALE: BRAND NEW @tembotusk Skottle The Skottle is an 18” disc used for cooking. It stands 28” tall on removable legs and is heated with a 10,000 BTU Coleman single burner fueled by propane. You can use either single pound canisters or larger tanks. I strongly suggest a larger...
  2. cerberus

    TemboTusk Skottle -Alternative or DIY

    Hey Everybody, I am looking for a cheaper alternative to the TemboTusk Skottle Grill. I know generally speaking you get what you pay for and it is hard to replace genuine items, but I'm always open to trying things in order to stretch the almighty dollar. One setup I have seen is the following...