Submitting a Boot Camp Article

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Hi all!

This is one of the most important threads on the OLB forums. Overland Bound is its community, and the community has a wealth of experience and resources for overlanders of all experience levels.

Would you like to write a Boot Camp Article? Fantastic! Here are some guidelines:
  1. Do you have specific experience making you an expert in the field you are writing about? This is essential. Others may rely on the information you provide, and quality and reliability are key. If you are not, please let another member write on the topic.
  2. Please keep Boot Camp Articles to ONE specific topic. For example, "GMRS Licensing - What, How, Why" is better thank "Getting a Communications License".
  3. Don't heavily regurgitate references to other sites. This should be expertise from you, based on your real-world experience and qualifications. References to reputable publications or governmental agencies to back up your stated facts is welcome and encouraged.
  4. Use pictures - many of us are visual learners, and appreciate the visual aid.
  5. Don't speculate. Know your facts.
  6. DIY Articles don't require the same level of fact scrutiny, but should still follow many of these best practices.
  7. Upload pictures using the "Attach" button instead of linking a photo to avoid future image link breaks.
  8. Remember, omission of information can be as dangerous in practice as providing incorrect data. Ex. If you do a recovery article and provide a step by step process to recover a vehicle, but omit info about a line dampener or other safety steps, it can be very dangerous.
We are also looking for folks to help us approve Boot Camp articles, and work with the community to edit their articles for inclusion in the Boot Cam section. Please reach out to @brien or I to help out.

Thank you all for your awesome contributions, and for making OLB a valuable resource for adventure travel!

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