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fly boy

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Marin County
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I'm surprised inane Trudeau let you get away with that license plate! It does look sharp.


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Not sure how we ended up with four 4x4s but it is what it is. My wife's stock 4x4 Tahoe is sometimes just for camping were getting to camp is 90% paved and we want to spoil ourselves with a comfy "new" car ride. The 80-series is what I'm building to be the "overlanding" vehicle. It's triple locked on 35s. When I'm done building it, it might be the only 4x4 I need. The FJ Cruiser started it all for me back in 2007. Joined runs on FJC forum groups. 10+ years later, I have led several of my own overlanding trips. The '84 FJ60 is babied in a way. I have taken it on occasional 4x4 day trips but haven't camped with it. It has no radio, no AC and the ride is leaf spring all around. I'm the only one in my family that can stand the ride.

They've all gotten dirty. 3 out of 4 have been on adventures throughout California. When I'm not camping, I'm on the driveway fixing or upgrading. 106718145_610699606222733_2620807356727984913_o.jpg109384863_3296233613740910_3969675608740293049_n.jpg119891710_3484469841583952_4894732790018353795_n.jpg122457164_3578125872218348_2421493824597298450_n.jpg