Post pictures of your camp kitchen

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So I finally mostly finished my quarantine project for a kitchen in the back of my F150. We added a shell last year so I thought I would give a slide out kitchen a go. It's still a work in progress since we haven't been able to get out camping but hopefully we can do that soon. I've been scrolling through every post on kitchens for a year trying to figure out a layout. Hopefully it works once we take it out.
Nice job you put some good thought into it. I just love it when people create their own stuff. Hopefully you’ve been out giving it a good shake down.
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Picture this. Jetboil Basecamp on a picnic table or my camp chef kitchen table. A few Jetboils around for coffee.



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Love this vehicle. I just wish they were built with a full and separate frame instead of the crappy unibody design that kept me from buying one.
Mine above is a almost fully loaded 1989 XJ Limited (most were). In 1990 I bought a new XJ Laredo which was similarly optioned and had a roof console which my Limited doesn't (no big deal). I think the only thing it didn't have was leather seats and a power antenna and that was fine with me. In my opinion the Limiteds looked a bit overdone with the gold trim, wheels, and badges, colour matched bumpers and grill, etc. Mine was the last year of the RENIX XJ's ('87 to '90). I had no idea at the time and that a big change was coming and I wouldn't have waited any way.

I looked at the FSJ Wagoneers which did have a frame of course. I forget the price difference, probably because it was out of my range! I wanted a 2 dr. at the time and jokingly said a Comanche would be nice. With a family on the way the 4 dr. made sense and that's what I got. Years later I now have a 2 dr. and a Comanche. There's a real nice and original '89 XJ Brentwood (a 4 dr. woody) for sale locally but I'd probably get kicked out of the house, and my garage, if I came home with it. :sob:
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Anyone have an experience with the Blackstone? Lately, in the last few months, all of a sudden, various people in the groups we overland with have been pulling them out at camp. Everyone that I know, loves them. I was afraid of the weight, but then I got to thinking, it would eliminate my Coleman and cast iron cookware.......... On the fence, it is big and bulky. I like stuff that I can stow in my Plano cases.........

Pic for reference.BCBB6C62-BAEA-4637-9165-0B0F5F70E7EB.jpeg