Post pictures of your camp kitchen

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Our style of travel is basically expedition style, where we are camping somewhere different every night and typically wild/dispersed camping so we setup off the tailgate of my Cruiser. It's evolved over time.

Some features that really help are having water with a downspout off the swingout for washing and drinking water/filling. Also, the fridge (of course!), warm, bright lighting on the hatch, 5#propane tank, having a quick table to pull out. Trasheroo makes it super easy with all garbage. Most recently, I built some simple drawers for all our food and camp gear cuz I was tired of stacking, lifting, opening, closing,packing and digging thru my containers. The drawers made a huge difference and maximized storage. IMG_3966.jpg Started off basic.IMG_5233.jpg IMG_1454.JPG Swingout made everything quicker and more convenient. (Water, fuel, propane, trash) IMG_4408.JPG Drawers made of 1/2" Russian birch with teflon slides. Just need to rebuild the fridge slide with the fridge turned handle facing out.