Overland Hound

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Big Easy Overland

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Last summer we had to put our overland hound hound to sleep. She turned into a great dog, though as a puppy she drove me nuts. My kids were devastated for all of a month before they began asking for a new dog.

penny bear.jpg

At first I was leaning against a new dog... but they kept working on me. In the weeks leading up to Christmas they just KNEW that they were getting a new puppy for Christmas... they were mistaken. Christmas Day came and went with no new puppy. Then... the stars aligned and I had the opportunity to rescue TWO way too young chocolate lab pups. We picked them up on New Years Day. Here is a link to a videos taken about an hour after we picked them up.

This one was at about 6 weeks old...

... and another about a week later.

Here are some photos of them on the day we got them and then the last one was taken yesterday. The boy (my daughter's pup) is named Cocoa and the girl (my son's pup) is named Mocha. They've went from 3lbs to 17lbs and 19.4 respectively.



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