On board air or portable tank

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How many batteries to fill a 37" tire?

Good luck with that. While my portable electric stuff has become more powerful, stamina, it has not. And those batteries loose half their charge when the temps drop. My electric impact eats a battery in just a few uses in the winter.
I watched a review on YouTube, a guy reinflated four 38" tires from 5 to 38 psi with one 4.0 amp/hour battery....not bad at all imo.


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Have a new 2019 Tacoma and want/need a air source for re-inflating tires. Options are the ARB vehicle mounted twin compressor which would be mounted under the hood or the Power Tank portable CO2 tank which would be mounted in the bed or on the rack. Just curious what you all are using and why. Thanks!!!
I had an onboard for 15 years on my other van. Worked fine but times I needed to take my air farther than my hoses could reach to do something. So on my new rig I bit the bullet and got the ARB dual portable, way over priced but after using it four or five times it is the best. I can take it out and have a buddy use it, or use it in the garage, just an all around really nice unit.
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