Let them eat SPAM!

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Yeah I’ve been a Spam man for years. It lasts forever. Fried, straight out of the can etc. I even have the Hawaiian cookbook on Spam. But the true believers are the Hawaiian’s. Google it, the pink meat saved their butts during WWII. You ever been to the islands? best not to talk smack about the pink sushi/sashimi. yeah I’m loving it!


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I think it was Marie Antoinette that said "Let them eat cake" and they chopped off her head. 225 years later, and I get the same reaction to Spam. Wife won't touch it, kids run from it, and even the roaches scurry around it. I don't get it. When I pop open a can of Spam and that big gelatinous lump falls onto the paper plate still holding the shape of the can, my mouth can't help but water. Its a delicate balance of salt, fat and nitrites that make my taste buds tingle. (My left arm also starts tingling after eating a can for some reason). I think its the perfect food... no refrigeration, indefinite shelf life, and you don't even need a can opener. Even after opening a can, the contents can stay out a long time and are still as good as the day it was congealed at the factory.

All I know is that if eating Spam is wrong, I don't ever want to be right! So, for all the Spam eaters out there...raise your plastic spork in a toast to the world's most perfect food! Did I say toast? Yeah, Spam goes great on that, too!
I'll stick with the Vienna Sausages and a little mustard!


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I typically buy Walmart Great Value light Spam. Because I'm cheap and it still tastes great. My kids love Spam, too. Much to the chagrin of my friends, I've turned some of their kids into Spam fans, too!
i'll have to try the great value version....i know some of the great value tastes better than the original, like chocolate chip cookies, corn chips, etc
@TahoePPV brought up the Dak canned ham on here and i tried it and thought it was pretty good. canned meat is just like women....its always good to have options :grinning: