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Ok sub reply to my last post. I want this to be a rig I can conquer the Rubicon and Dusy Ershim. It is a 2000 Wrangler TJ sport. Pretty stock, already has rocker panels and an inch body lift. Obviously I also Overlamd and it is my daily. So with all these goals in mind, and the fact that I’m 22 and can’t afford to put 20,000 dollars into it immediately, what do I NEED done right away I have a budget of around 3-5 thousand. Also tire size and recommended tires that can do intense crawling and give whatever the best on road performance would be for a crawling tire. I was thinking 33s but could be convinced to go up to 35s. I’m going to have the suspension and gearing set up to run 35s because I don’t want to have the suspension and gearing redone again when go bigger. I think once I can afford a daily driver I will be able to do the mods that would make it impossible to daily drive, but I’ll ask those questions in 10 years.. So basically what I’m looking for is:
Mods I should do immediately?
Mods that I should do later so I can start saving?
Thanks for your time guys! Any questions or info you need from me just ask, I’ll be watching this closely for the next couple days! Just Empty Every Pocket babyView attachment 106132
No Dallas Cowboys fans please
Are you from Philly?


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I’ve owned 3 jeeps, a 89 Sahara with the straight 6. Loved that Jeep. Went anywhere. Next was a 02 Wrangler sport. That Jeep was great too. I also owned a 04 Jeep Liberty sport. People definitely underestimated those jeeps. Hoping to get another one if I can find a used one without to much rust and not to expensive after my back surgery.


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I hate thieves and one of our members friends just had their beautiful Jeep stolen. Keep a look out for this one.

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