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Grand Prairie, Texas
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Absolutely, Jason!  I see that you have a few trips going so far, let me know if you have a spare weekend, and we'll make something work!
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Here is a photo of my '08 Rubicon.  It got a lift, front and rear bumpers, winch, sliders, a couple of banged up skid plates - and a dented oil pan and muffler.

It's great on the trails, but not so much on the highway.  But, it's a Jeep - what I expected it to be.  It will never eat up the miles like my Disco II did, nor haul as much gear!  There's always a trade-off somewhere.


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Spanaway, Washington, USA
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I love my Jeeps!

Here are the two that live in my garage (when it's not full of Jeep project parts...)

My 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk.  It's been a great little trail runner, light camping / exploration, and Search and Rescue rig.

'14 KL Trailhawk (Active Drive II) w/3.2 Pentastar

Then there is the Commander.  The more I work on this, the more I love it.  It may get it's first trip out to the world next week if everything goes well!

'06 XK Limited (Quadra Drive II) w/5.7 HEMI

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Hey guys, just joined, but have been taking road trips forever.  I've recently discovered the movement of overlanding with the purchase of my most recent Jeep.  Now I'm in build mode and I've got big plans.  I'll start a build thread in the appropriate place, but wanted to post some pictures to the Jeep family.  This will be my 3rd.

The first Jeep, a 2003 Liberty, not really overland material but it sparked the drive to leave the paved road.

The second, much more capable and took me on the first cross country road trip, a 2010 Grand Cherokee Limited with a 5.7 Hemi, an OME lift and some nice BFGs.

It was a great vehicle and I miss that power, but I'm a tall guy and I didn't fit so well in it.  Plus I wanted a Wrangler, so...

Enter the 2015 JK Unlimited Rubicon Hard Rock.  This will be my true Overland vehicle platform and it's slowly getting there.


Dominic OB0158

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Perris Ca
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Hi everyone, Dominic here Overland Bound member 0158....just spent the weekend with a couple of friends up in Big Bear California...did an overnight run from Big Bear to Lake Arrowhead...there are some great views out there. My rig is 2004 Jeep Unlimited (stocked nothing fancy). Its an upgrade from my 1985 4Runner. Looking to meet other outdoor enthusiasts in Southern Cal.
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