Coleman Sickness..affliction...

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Ahhh, that's a Canuckistani only model I think. I've got a buddy to electrified a really rough 228J I gave him. He uses it on his radio desk.
I'm not sure if it's a Canadian model. I've seen plenty of them (same model) at flea markets and they usually go for about $5-$20 depending on condition and completeness. The guts of this one were in rough shape and my plan wasn't to restore it any way as all of my Coleman camping equipment is propane.

I'm not sure if anyone has brought this up yet but there's a lot of good information on "The Coleman Collectors Forum" ...


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I'm on there as well. I'm just not very active. I'm trying very hard to keep from becoming a full blown collector. I have more junk laying around here than I can work on right now. I have a 228 hanging in the rafters in the shop that I haven't even touched since I hung it there two months ago.
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I was directed to this thread by another user who was answering a query from someone else.

My original post was just to share with everyone a review I created of the Sportster II Unleaded 533.

Its maybe of no interest in here given that I've just had a quick scroll through and see some of the spectacular retro Coleman products in the posts in here. Maybe I'm a weirdo for feeling this way, but there is something so romantic about the vintage models. I'm looking forward to going through the entire thread later and oohing and aaahing at the photos.

I will post the video link here anyway, because I guess at some stage, in many years to come, the Sportster II will be vintage. Also hopefully get a few extra views on the video to make all the hard work worth it. There is some beautiful scenery in this video too of Ireland if you have an interest in that.

This is the bit where I shamelessly request any of you kind souls to subscribe to the youtube channel, but only if you want to.