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Some photos from my recent camping/fishing trip to Portsmouth Island.

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Cool images, and cool camp.

Love my OZTent RV-5 with deluxe front side walls etc, and two OZ cots, but may be selling the whole deal as I just don't use it much, as I primarily solo camp and have my van and trailer with RTT, too.


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Heading up there in a couple weeks for a few days. If you don't mind me asking where is this site located?
Marked three primative camps in red, with the approx two track in locations. No fee for any of these, just first come first serve.

Condon Lake (the one in my earlier post, and in the pics) is just West of Bitley. Nice little lake with nothing but the camp on it. Easy to walk around it. North Country Trail goes by the east side of the lake.

Kenosha Lake (upper left of 3 marked)...........I have not stayed at. Only the camp is on this lake.

Sawkaw Lake (middle of the 3 marked)............I have not stayed here either. Their are a few cottages on the west side of it. I marked two roads in, but I don't recall where the road in is............I just know you have to access it from that side, despite the maps showing a seasonal road going through. It's blocked by the cottages on the west.

I have a spot south of there on a two track that I am tempted to stay at. My only concern is dirt bike / atv traffic. Not sure how busy that spot gets. But it's right along a beautiful stream. Camp maybe 70' (or so) from the stream. I have the GPS coords for that if interested.

Here is a Google Maps link to the area.

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