7 Hour Plane Crash Trail

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Are you refering to the 'bouncey' section north of the bridges on the Bill Nicholas and south of Houghton? If so, I ended up bailing off in that section as I had a slow leak in a tire and decided to run the highway to Hankcock to get it fixed before it caused more problems. We pulled off not to many miles north of the bridge section just as it started to get bouncier.
The last section I named the "Baja Route" to the finish. Just curious to see if a car / unibody could make it through.
Thanks for posting!



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Zeeland, MI
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Oh, sorry I had overlaid my own route so I had lost your section names, had to go back and look it up. So last fall when we did it the Mandan road, which is your Baja Section was being activley logged, and there was a closed gate across it off US41. So we weren't able to do that section, so we got to the tip from the end of US41. It's been many years, but I've driven the Mandan to the tip before, back around 2001ish... :) I was a very cool road. I think its safe to assume with the active logging on it last year and perhaps more this year that road will not be what it used to be for a very long time...


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Hello all, This is very enlightening info.. My wife and I are planning an UP trip the week before Memorial Day this.. Coming up from sw NY.. Hoping to get a few guys together for the trip up, from a couple FB groups..other than at the peninsula, are there areas along this route for dispersed camping? Not knowing how "populated" the trail will be during this time, I'd like to have a backup plan for someplace to camp.. We have a '16 Tundra, so seeing how Raptors can make it, I know I'll be fine.. Tundras aren't as wide as the others {which is is another reason why I bought it} so I know the trails shouldn't be much of an issue.