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  1. KSTrekker

    SOLD For Sale - 2017 XVENTURE XV2 Expedition Trailer - Kansas City - SOLD

    $16,750 Wife wants a travel trailer, so we're moving on from rooftop camping. Happy wife, happy life. Lightly used, this was originally a demo model for XVENTURE. I purchased in February 2018. It probably has about 50 nights of camping and roughly 10,000 miles towed. Always stored in a garage...
  2. dbungard

    2016 RAM Rebel Overland Build

    Sharing my 2016 RAM Rebel build as it's about to evolve a bit in the coming months before Overand Expo East. First, I bought it new in 2016 and it's been a really great truck. My other vehicle was an '08 JKU Rubicon, and is now a 2018 JLU Rubicon. That build thread is here...
  3. KSTrekker

    XVenture XV-2 Expedition Trailer

    My wife and I have been drooling over the XVenture XV-2 trailers from Schutt Industries for years. We finally decided to pull the trigger and make the purchase. I ended up getting a great deal on a trailer that was used as a demo model. Here's the specs: 2017 XV-2 Deluxe Plus Package 22-Gallon...
  4. Torruella

    FOR SALE X Venture XV-2

    I was in a very expensive motorcycle accident last month and I need to sell some big things to help pay for the ER bill. I wish I could hold on to this trailer but selling it would significantly help cover my expenses :( One of my best purchases ever now could be yours! This badboy came into my...
  5. fledwell

    Trailer-supported adventures Series in OutdoorX4 Magazine

    We actually started a six-part series highlighting various trailer options starting with Issue 12 of OutdoorX4 Magazine. You can check it out by visiting our Issues page HERE and if you're not already subscribed, Overland Bound members get a discount by using coupon code overlandbound at checkout.