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  1. maviccbr

    iKamper and flex solar panels

    Hi, I have an iKamper mini on the back of my truck, next the to tow hitch I also have a red anderson plug to accept solar input which I normally use for my panels when Im parked up camping. I would like to know if anyone out there has attempted to stick flexible solar panels to the roof of an...
  2. El-Dracho

    NEW: Electronics and Electrical Q&A

    Hi, @Kent R just notified me that we have this new subforum and he has asked me to say a few words about it, which I am happy to do. First of all, thank you to @HYRYSC who brought this idea up recently and to all others who supported this during this forums discussion. And thanks a lot, to...
  3. I

    (Probably simple) question about rocker switches.

    I am wiring in a bunch of different accessories to a Blue Sea Systems 6 Circuit Blade using relays. I will attach a picture of my proposed wiring. MY QUESTION: Can I solder all the rocker switches 12 V wires together (Blue) and then connect all three to the same fuse? If anyone sees a way I...
  4. K

    Reputable shop in South GA for wiring

    This is my first post! I am looking for a shop around Southeast GA (Savannah) or Central NC (Fayetteville) that is good a wiring up overland rigs. Looking to have a dual battery, lights, power outlets, etc in my Tacoma. Thanks for looking, any help is appreciated.
  5. Arturo Menchaca

    Need some light tips.

    Hey everybody! I’ve had my Jeep JKU for quite some time now, and recently purchased the Smittybilt XRC roof rack with roof top tent. The rack itself has four lights mounts on the front bar right above the windshield. And the rear has two mounts for a pair of lights. My question is, what lights...
  6. HellsAngler

    dual battery/wiring person in bay area

    Left the lights on in my delica and it drained my brand new batteries all the way dry. The van has dual batteries stock and this is the second time this has happened. I think may have blown an inline fuse or something. Couldnt get it jumped off another battery or portable jumper. I'd like...
  7. TacoVenturer87

    Auxiliary battery, how to?

    Hi all I'm contemplating adding an auxiliary battery to my 2010 Tacoma V6. Do any of you know how to get around that upgrade? What do I need? Controllers? Which type of battery is better (deep cycle vs. regular) Wiring (gauge?) Brackets? Any help is really appreciated!
  8. stickel

    WJ + sPOD?

    Match made in ??? I've been searching around a few forums and google to see some examples of sPOD installs in WJs. Alas, I've come up empty handed. Has anyone with a WJ installed an sPOD or something similar? What was your experience like? Did you go with sPOD or something else (including...
  9. Tim

    OB Approved Starter guide: Installing electrical accessories

    In the Rig Q&A section of this forum I asked the question "Who does their own electrics?". My point at the time was that perhaps it's seen as an easy thing to do, adding electric accessories to your chosen overlanding vehicle and those that might shy away from mechanics are happy to give it a...
  10. Tim

    Who does their own electrics?

    So I openly admit that I'm not a mechanic and will shy away from many jobs on my Cruiser beyond changing a wheel... actually I get a bit more involved than that but replacing a wheel bearing is probably my worst nightmare. When it comes to electrics though I don't shy away from getting stuck in...