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  1. Kcrkolby

    Water Purification System

    Hey Everyone, I have been looking for almost a year now for a system that I could mount to my rig that could pump and purify water from a water source like a lake, river or stream. I just recently came across the brand "Guzzle H20." (www.guzzleh2o.com) That have portable filtration systems...
  2. GabrielSyler

    Undercar water tank storage & tap

    I'm always looking for ways to free space in the back of the vehicle or from the roof and when I saw an undercar moulded water tank I thought it would be a great edition. It's 25 litres, which is more than enough for a long weekend, which make up most of my trips. I wanted a tap in...
  3. Kcrkolby

    Water Purification

    Hi everyone, I am looking to add a rig mounted water purification system to my FJ Cruiser. I want to mount it under my rear cargo area. I have an idea where I could back up to a lake/river connect a hose to drop in the water and connect another to fill up water jugs. Does anyone have a...
  4. Sid

    Extra water mod for Jeeps

    Hey guys - delete if not allowed but I wanted to share my mod so others can benefit from it. I'm building my JKU over time for more and more overlanding trips. Everyone can use more water...wouldn't drink it unless I had a very good filter but can be used for all kinds of things! Here's the...
  5. Outer Limit Supply

    LifeSaver portable water filter Jerrycan- September Group Buy

    While on the Rubicon we experienced a slight hiccup... Yep, you guessed it, we ran low on water. Since our return we've been looking for a convenient/versatile solution and we believe found it. So to introduce it we've decided to launch a group buy. This is a package deal and it comes with the...
  6. Niko Caignie

    Frontrunner Watertank

    I recently installed the STAINLESS STEEL WATER TANK FOR PICK-UP DRAWER SYSTEM / 52L - BY FRONT RUNNER in my Isuzu DMAX, it fits perfectly behind my drawer. I did some minor modifications to the front dispenser because, the Frontrunner connectors are bit robust and are not easy to do a quick...
  7. WesAdvance

    Add 11 Gallons of Onboard Pressurized Water to your Rig!

    Hello! I wanted to share my DIY Onboard Water System. I'd love any tips, feedback or thoughts on things you would change or improve! I originally posted this at our blog, You Me & The Jeep, and you can find a materials list there as well. We were so inspired by Dan Grec from The Road Chose Me...
  8. The Traveling Shepherd

    Water filtration

    What are your opinions on the Katadyn hiker pro ? Does it filter enough to trust it or should the water be treated further ?
  9. B

    Overland Challenges and Gear to Meet Them, Organized

    So let's see how I can put this to words. Every human has mutual needs. Every overlander is met with mutual challenges. Water gathering, water filtering, food storage, shelter. Then there are things more specific to overlanding like recovery gear, etc. As I am planning my outfitting I can't...
  10. brien

    The 12oz "Shower" - how do you keep clean?

    Here in AZ we need lots of water when we go out, especially in the heat. Since it's a constant battle between room for water and room for gear, especially if our whole family of 5 is going out, I think we've gotten pretty good at conserving our water. One of the 'luxuries' that consume our water...
  11. Steve Blair

    A question about water storage

    I've seen multiple pictures of members using water storage containers on roof racks. I was just wondering if that water is OK to remain in the sun in a dark colored/BPA free container? If so, how long have you guys stored it? Thanks
  12. Ripper

    Water proof Rig.

    Can someone tell me what steps to take if I need to go thru high water and keep water out of my motor? I understand that the diff breather needs to be higher but how about the electronics on the motor ? Alternator, Starter, Plugs and so on. And no I don't want to buy a boat, HAHA
  13. JeepersForVets

    Danger of leaving water bottles in your vehicle

    I wasn't quite sure where to post this, but figured water bottles probably count as "gear". This is an article about an Idaho Power employee talking about how a water bottle left in a hot vehicle on a sunny day almost started a fire. The water in the bottle acted just like a magnifying glass to...
  14. B

    No Snorkle?

    Not sure who this is, but no snorkel?