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  1. tjk775

    US West Pyramid Ranch Over Nighter

    Quick trip out to relax with some friends at the hot spring. Thought id put together a rally point on OB in case anyone else might be interested. The road out there is pretty easy. attached Gaia file is from SutcliffeView Rally Point
  2. Otter155

    US West Overland Bound Elk Grove, CA Meetup

    Meetup to discuss interest in a long term meetup focused on family overlanding. This initial meetup is at Steve's Pizza in Elk Grove off of Hwy 99 and Stockton Blvd. Arrive at 1830 to get some food, with the meetup starting at 1900. Kids are welcome and wanted, as we discuss what people would...
  3. Troy Carroll


    Monthly meetup for Members in and around BakersfieldView Rally Point
  4. Michael

    Cancelled Test - Ignore

    This is a test of the new Rally Point Invite Flow
  5. DocTaco

    US West Death Valley - Western Region Tour

    3 night trip to West Region of Death Valley. November 8th 8 am meet up in Modesto at 37.69962, -121.04917 (the McDonalds at the corner of Dale and Palendale) and then meet at Rally Point in Lone Pine for those outside of Modesto.View Rally Point
  6. Sierratough

    US West Reno - Peavine Peak Sunset Run

    Peavine Peak sunset and night run
  7. Budman

    US West Usal Beach / Usal Road / Wailaki BLM Campground

    Usal Road (Mendocino Country Rd 431) is 13 miles north of Westport or about 14.7 ish miles southwest of Legget CA on Highway 1. We will be going in from Legget off HWY 101. The turn off is extremely easy to miss so it is recommended to use your odometer to gauge how close you are to Usal Road...
  8. Kent R

    US West Mendocino National Forest, Stonyford OHV work weekend

    Overview: Trail restoration, post wildfire work party. All work to be done in conjunction with the Mendocino National Forest. The project is to replace post and cable barriers that protect sensitive riparian areas damaged by wildfire. We will also be installing several wooden barriers that...
  9. Kent R

    US West Sierra Foothills Overlanders Richardson Lake Trip.

    The September trip for the Sierra Foothills Overlanders is Richardson Lake, just off the McKinney/Rubicon Road. This is a family - friendly trip. Things to do - fishing, crawdad trapping, trail runs, ticking on the Pacific Crest Trail, relaxing, and hopefully camp fires, depending on fire...
  10. Troy Carroll

    US West Bakersfield Meet Up

    Lenghtwise brewing on District Blvd.
  11. BettyWhiteOneSeven

    Cancelled Briceburg to Buck Meadows Overnighter

    Central California Overland Bound’s first overnighter. A closer and shorter trip for those who are not able to make the relatively long distances and/or the early Friday departures. We will be meeting in the town of Mariposa and exploring the mountains of Mariposa and Tuolumne County. No set...
  12. renodemona

    US West 7 Troughs Mining District Day Trip

    Day trip to Tunnel Camp and the 7 Troughs mining district with Sierra Nevada Full Size Jeep Club. Highlights include the ghost town of Tunnel Camp, the town site of Vernon, the town site of 7 Troughs, and the town site of Mazuma. There are also large herds of wild Burros in the area. Picnic...
  13. FrankRoams

    Cancelled Rigged for Dirt - L.A. @ KC Hilites HQ

    Rigged for Dirt is coming to Los Angeles! The OC meet-up that has built a reputation for community and awesome rigs that work hard and play hard is adding a sister event in Los Angeles. We're partnering with KC to host this MONTHLY event at their HQ in Gardena, CA. We're continuing our...
  14. CTO1Mike

    US West Adventure Van Expo, N. Lake Tahoe

    I will be making a day run up to Lake Tahoe for the Adventure Van Expo, then back down to Auburn for the Gold Country OB group meeting.
  15. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Hunter Lake Trail Day Run

    Meet up at Cabela's Parking lot at 9:AM and then depart around 9:30AM. We will enter opposite of the first Hunter Lake Trail Run we did Last year.View Rally Point
  16. Mudgard2004

    US West Corral Hollow ORV.

    We will meet at the Bear Valley Parking Lot at 11:00am. We’ll enjoy the day on the Corral Hollow trail, stopping at the summit for lunch. Then, for those interested, we will be camping at the Stanislaus River Campground. This is an easy to moderate 13.8 mile point to point trail, excellent...
  17. WJeeper

    US West Green Creek Camping

    We will be leaving Reno to Slowly(towing a trailer) head south past Bridgeport, CA. to green Creek Friday evening(8-23-19). Leaving Reno by 5pm. -Might take a day trip to the upper lakes, might be a 4x4 only trail. -Could take day/evening trips to either Buckeye, or Travertine Hot Springs...
  18. whiskey7backroads

    Cancelled Weekly Ham Radio Net

    Friday night NET for Ham Radio on Echolink Node 591550 with the Grits N Gravy node
  19. Overland_Mike

    US West Night run to Pioneer Saloon

    Fun night run to Pioneer. Hang out for some burgers and beer after!View Rally Point
  20. RoyD@626

    US West San Gabriel Valley (SGV) Coffee and Rigs Meet Up

    Meeting at Chilies in Glendora – 1371 E Gladstone St, Glendora, CA 91740. Possibly bring a chair. Please be mindful of social distancing and masking up, there are a few in the group who are either immunocompromised or live with someone who is or falls into a vulnerable category. Looking forward...