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  1. WJeeper

    US West Green Creek Overnighter and Trip up to Kavanaugh Ridge.

    Heading down Friday night to claim camp. Saturday we will take a 4x4 trip up to Kavanaugh Ridge. Elevation at Kavanaugh Ridge is 11,000 ft and you can see 5-6 lakes spread throughout the valley. The ridge is a rock cliff with a pretty close to straight drop off. This area is known for its...
  2. WJeeper

    US West Dog Valley Group BBQ and/or Overnighter.

    Come check out some cooking setups with the group. Bring your setup and show us what you got, or just come hang out and check out others gear. This will be a follow up from the prior meeting topic on Cooking Gear. Also if interested, Aaron will be camping Friday and possibly Saturday night if...
  3. Canyon_Cliff

    US West Inland Empire OB meetup and trail ride

    Meetup and Trail Ride - City Creek trail View Rally Point
  4. winscott

    US West Rigs and Coffee in Portola Valley

    Free event for cars, trail rigs, vans or what ever you got. Come hang out with motor heads over a cup of coffee. View Rally Point
  5. Speric

    US West North Bay meet-up - Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendo

    Back by popular demand. Hopefully, no new pandemics or other natural catastrophes get in the way. And let's hope we can do this more than once a year. View Rally Point
  6. MrChris

    US West Lower 805/818 Meet up

    A group of Fun-Centric folks that get together to plan and talk about trips and past trips. View Rally Point
  7. WJeeper

    US West Bear Valley Group Camp and Trail run.

    Friday, June 11, 2021 01:00 PM Check RP for more details. Group Camp(Fri, Sat, Sun) and Trail run on Saturday. Come hang out with like minded Overlanders. Check out the gear and setups, And have a fun weekend playing in the hills. View Rally Point
  8. WJeeper

    US West Getting Unstuck! Sunday, May 23, 2021 09:00 AM

    Follow up from the meeting learning to use some of the tools and techniques for getting unstuck. Location access: follow pyramid highway to coordinates (39.8842, -119.6015). After turning off of pyramid follow the offroad trail to the left(west) that parallels pyramid highway back towards Reno...
  9. Jim SoG

    Cancelled Testing testing

    Testing View Rally Point
  10. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Carson River Hot Springs Day Run

    Fun Day Run To Carson River Hot Springs. Bring Lunch, drink and bathing suit if you want to get in the hot tubs. View Rally Point
  11. PapaDave

    US West Frank Raines OHV Park with The East Bay Meet Up- May 8th, 2021

    Frank Raines OHV Day with the option to camp. Read the complete description View Rally Point
  12. Inthewoods

    US West Visalia CA meet up

    At this meeting, we will be planning our trip to Monache Meadows. View Rally Point
  13. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas Meet and Greet and Alamo Rd run

    Let meet up and check out rigs then go up Alamo Rd to the playa View Rally Point
  14. HappyOurOverlanding

    US West Petroglyphs Day Run

    Come see the most petroglyphs in northern NV. View Rally Point
  15. Dominic OB0158

    US West Inland Empire Overland Bound Meet-up April 2021

    Friday, April 23 to Sunday, April 25 Holcomb Valley Ranch Camping with two days of trails throughout Big Bear, CA Limited to 22 per campsite RSVP - We will make camp reservations for the group once we know who is attending. Kid and Pet Friendly View Rally Point
  16. RickyRoo

    US West Mojave - OB - 4.9.21 - R.O.O.T.

    Recreational Off Road & Overland Team (R.O.O.T.). Overland Event to test Gear/Setup limitations. View Rally Point
  17. MrChris

    US West Lower 805/818 Meetup

    A group of fun-centric folks that like to talk about trips taken, trips planned, and gear...or anything else we please :) View Rally Point
  18. Cali DiscoveryOverland

    US West Zion

    Planning to head out to Zion on Friday and enjoy the spring weather. View Rally Point
  19. Bucket_Head_57

    US West OB Central Valley Bull Creek Trail Overnighter

    Just a quick overnighter in beautiful Sierra Mountains. We will meeting up at the Mariposa Fairgrounds and convoy to our campsite for the night. On Saturday morning, we head to the trailhead and air down (about a 40 min drive). We will stop for fuel on the way to the trailhead. We have a couple...
  20. 4WheelAstroHack

    US West Latrobe Road run and fun at Prairie City OHV

    Plan on running Latrobe Road and then head to Prairie City OHV for some more practice and fun. We, Will, meet at 9:30 am at the east end of Latrobe road and then have some fun at Prairie City to end the day. View Rally Point