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  1. Inthewoods

    US West Meet up and trip plan.

    We will discuss our Death Valley trip and share ideas. View Rally Point
  2. Kent R

    US West Trail Guardian Workday in Mojave Preserve

    Work in conjunction with the Mojave Preserve to accomplish several projects. Top off fuel prior to entering the Preserve! View Rally Point
  3. Michael

    Cancelled ANOTHER Test :) IGNORE

    Yo - hello - hi. View Rally Point
  4. PapaDave

    US West Mormon Emigrant Trail Snow Day *if there’s snow!

    Day trip up to the MET. This is a snow trip so snow is required. :) Come prepared with traction boards, recovery ropes, winch if you have one. And bring a lunch! View Rally Point
  5. Inthewoods

    US West Death Valley trip

    Four days three nights in Death Valley.View Rally Point
  6. Off-Road Overland Camping

    US West Camp Bouse & Swansea Ghost Town, AZ

    We plan on exploring the following locations: • Travel on the Arizona Peace Trail to Camp Bouse, AZ - This is one of General Patton's Training Camps during WWII • Swansea Ghost Town, AZ • Desert Bar, Parker AZ • Vidal, CA to check out Wyatt Earp’s old cottage View Rally Point
  7. Michael


    It was cold! Really cold! Super cold!View Rally Point
  8. mwilson920

    US West Las Vegas OB - Trek to Whitmore Overlook

    Let's take a short trip through one of NPS hidden gems, Grand Parashant NM and go to Whitmore Overlook View Rally Point
  9. Inthewoods

    US West Alabama Hills and Death Valley camping

    Alabama Hills and Death Valley camping trip on February 19-21.View Rally Point
  10. FrankRoams


    First Saturday of every month, join your local Off-Roaders and Overland adventurers and make some new friends at this monthly meet and greet. Talk rigs, talk adventures, and plan future trips. All are welcome.
  11. mwilson920

    US West Exploring Lake Mohave Area

    When we went out to the Mohave overlook a couple of weeks ago, we saw a road leading down towards the lake and wondered what was down there. So we are going to explore and see.View Rally Point
  12. Inthewoods

    US West Visalia Meeting

    Monthly meeting and preparing for our next camping trip.
  13. Fletcher8969

    US West Mojave Preserve Astronomy

    Friday and Saturday nights near Fourth of July Canyon and Drum Peak with telescopes and cameras to enjoy the dark skies of the Mojave Preserve. We'll also have a day time excursion on Saturday to drive some trails and see more of the preserve. Details TBD. Sunday folks can head out along...
  14. Michael


    Just testing invites!
  15. PapaDave

    US West The Lost Coast of CA Feb 19-21st 2021*

    The Lost Coast Of CA- Feb 19-21st, 2021* The Lost Coast of California is a gorgeous part of our coast up north. It’s a long stretch of miles where I5 heads up the middle of the state, where Hwy 1 joins 101 veering inland, and a rugged portion of the coast is left pristine and untouched. Hikers...
  16. K6JGA

    Cancelled Fenders Ferry Rd.

    West to east on Fenders Ferry Rd. from Gilman Rd. to SR299.
  17. Oldmankensey

    Cancelled Las Vegas OB members....Back by popular demand......Lake Mohave over look run

    Easy trail on East side of Lake Mohave with great over looks of Lake Mohave. View Rally Point
  18. Off-Road Overland Camping

    US West Night Run to Camp Granite - General Patton’s Training Center - Part II

    Night Run to Camp Granite - General Patton’s Training Center
  19. CatButt

    US West King of the Hammers

    Get together at KOH to watch lunatics do silly stuff in the desert...YAY!