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  1. Embark With Mark

    Cheap Jeep Headlight Upgrade

    Hello everyone, For years I thought my headlights were "good enough" but then, after moving areas and switching jobs to one that requires me to drive through the mountains, I drove through a fairly large snowstorm. The storm was bad enough that I could not see the road even driving at a slow...
  2. Ben Kim

    Baja Design Fog Light Replacement

    I recently installed the Baja Design Fog Light Replacement kit on my 2018 4runner. Went super smooth and it was a fun install. The Baja Design Squadron-R Sport Amber Wide Fog Lights are such a great upgrade over the stock. I purchased the kit (included the lights and the installation brackets)...
  3. DaveT

    Lightforce Genesis AliExpress LED Upgrade

    While I had my Genesis lights mocked up in the basement (I'm building a custom light bar and my garage isn't heated), I decided I'd experiment/gamble with an AliExpress order. For $32 CDN, I had 4 LED 9005 bulbs (including shipping) to my door in 10 days. They were advertised as 4000 lumens...
  4. Rover 4

    LR Discovery 2 Shock Upgrade

    wanting to replace my Rancho 9000 shocks on my 2004 Discovery II. looking for input from anyone having already upgraded. this rig has a 2" OME lift and 1" body lift. its heavy with ARB bumpers, dual batt, jack and recovery gear, all add up to lots of extra weight. Don't think i will need...
  5. Overland USA

    2000 TJ Sport - Name my Rig!

    I've been building my 2000 TJ for the past three months and she's ready to drive but not quite ready for adventure. However, she is ready for a name. I was thinking some kind of Stripper name, because she takes ALL my money! But then I thought it might be fun if you, fellow Overlanders, named...
  6. Hayden Bennett

    New truck, what to do?

    Hi all, Im totally green to the game and want to know where to start. First things first, my truck is a 2017 toyota tacoma TRD sport double cab long bed 4x4. Obviously an off road or at least a short bed may have been better but for 2 reasons I picked this truck. 1st and foremost this is my...
  7. Remington_PRO4X

    New to Overlanding - Nissn Frontier Advise

    Hey All! I am pretty new to overlanding as most of my back woods experience has been on foot. I've had my Frontier Pro-4X for a couple years now and am wanting to start getting out there and really enjoying the truck. I have done some minor upgrades (guards/cosmetic/off road lights). I...
  8. Michael

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Are you an Overland Bound Member with a membership number? If so, upgrade your forum account for free! You will gain access to the private Member Forums, the Member Map, and the Overland Bound Member Event Calendar! Post here with any questions. Post in this forums to have your account...