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  1. Willie Tennant

    AF Southern Africa Weekend camping @ Riverside Paradise

    the beautiful Elands River where you can spend time with friends, family and of course your four-legged family.View Rally Point
  2. DangerBear028

    US Southeast Great Smokey Mountains Loop

    Just wanted to share fun route in East Tennessee. The route is 184 miles and was originally created by GSM Moto Rentals. I have completed this loop on a KLR650 dual sport bike, so I'm sure any 4x4 vehicle will make it. Some sections do get slick after heavy rains. It does include a section of...
  3. N

    Total newbie question on overlanding

    Just recently decided to get my 06 Hummer H3 in condition to do some weekend overland trips with the wife and dog. I'm in Virginia and looking later in the year to trip to Moab. For now some weekend trips to Tennessee, West Virginia, Kentucky, Alabama etc. So what I've always wondered is how do...
  4. Corrie

    Overland Trip Planning: Know Before You Go

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Overland Trip Planning: Know Before You Go [FONT=georgia]Get ready to start planning your next overland adventure! The Overland Trip Planner and guide will help make sure you are prepared to hit the road with everything you need for... Continue...
  5. Corrie

    Overland Bound WA Trip - August 2016

    Hey everyone - @Michael and I are starting to plan a 3-day trip in the WA area the weekend of July 22nd. Here's the logistics... I would drive up from Nor CA and arrive Thurs 7/21 with the rig, and then pick up Michael from SEA that evening. We'd hit the road on Friday morning, and then we'd...
  6. Michael

    Downloadable Overland Bound Routes!

    Hey all, We just added some of our Overland Bound Routes to the forums. The are downloadable for: Google Earth (KML Files) GPS Units (GPX Files) I took the time to trace the routes once the paths were imported to make sure the information is accurate. All routes start at a landmark that is...