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  1. Roy & Kristin Zirpoli

    US Northwest Fall Family Camp Out and Bonfire

    Hubert Mcbee Memorial Campground!160765&query=sitedetails
  2. Farmjeepwrangler

    US Southeast Florida ONF Fishing/Camping/Exploring

    **Save the Date: 9/27/19 - 9/29/19** Camping and fishing in the Ocala National Forest. We will start near the St. Johns river and then disperse camp each night, near the next days Lake/pond/River the following day. The Idea is to fish some areas that are difficult to access for most people. We...
  3. Gabriel Bozeman

    US Northwest Walker Valley Day

    Come and join us at Walker Valley ORV (outside of Burlington) for some fun trails and lunch!
  4. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Monthly Meetup - Rigs. Food, Drinks, and Conversation! - Re-occurring

    Come and check out some rigs, talk Overlanding, exploration, and trail riding. I'll be there from 6-8pm and hope to see you there! Come hang out with other members, talk gear, rigs and routes. We'd like to start doing some trail runs, camp outs.. etc together and would love your input and...
  5. Nickzero

    How to Create 4x4 Trails?

    I have a friend who was wondering what tools he would need in order to pave some trails on his land. His land is primary consumed of dense forrest in NC. I recommended: • Gas chain saw with sharp chain • Bow Saw / hand saw • Long shears • Heavy Axe • Tough woodsman line (for hauling or...
  6. animaloverland

    A few pics from our Moab trip in September

    We had a great 8 day trip to Moab in September. We didn't do anything too difficult...but spectacular scenery and enough steep trails with cliffs and some nice rock ledges to keep it interesting. We did Chicken Corners, Beef Basin and Shafer Switchbacks. We were going to add Lathrop Canyon...
  7. ovrlndr

    Is there a trail that you wouldn't run again?

    Whether because of terrain, lack of views, lack of interesting features, bad experiences, or whatever, is there a trail you wouldn't run again?
  8. Hank Outdoors

    Portland Maine Meetup

    I will be in the Portland, Maine area on Friday, September 7th and 8th. I will be staying at Wassamki Springs Campground in Scarborough the night of the 7th. If anyone in the area wants to meet up, grab a beer, coffee, hit some trails or check out rigs, let me know. If there is interest I...
  9. ckkphoto

    Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway - 08/11/2018

    View Rally Point Details
  10. Trail_Blazer

    Trip Planning and Navigation using ONX Maps

    I searched for Onx Maps on the site, but didn't find any reference to it. One of the big challenges is planning off-road or back road trips in the open spaces. A lot of these areas are owned by ranchers and farmers that don't want you on their property. And you can't really blame them when...
  11. DometicOffroad

    Dometic at T4R Experience Colorado!

    We have teamed up with T4R Experience for the ultimate family fun event! Meet, Ride, Clean and Camp is what T4R Experience is all about. Saturday, June 30 in Glenwood Springs, CO T4R Experience will be hosting their Colorado event! We will have our Mobile Living Made Easy CFX Fridges in several...
  12. Hank Outdoors

    Overland New York State - Charles E Baker State Forest

    First off I want to thank everyone who made the trip and took part in the trail cleanup. Seems we found one of the local teen party spots and it was a mess! Got it cleaned up an looking great!!! We spent the weekend exploring the miles of dirt roads/trails in Charles E Baker State Forest near...
  13. Kevigizmo

    [UK] - Useful Offroad/Greenlane websites

    Hey Guys n Gals! So this thread we would like to build up a list of useful websites for UK users or Visitors to UK who can check out lanes and off-road locations in different parts of the UK This list comes from a discussion on another thread about map POI's and due to the legality of the...
  14. Hank Outdoors

    Portland Maine - Sept 7-11 2018

    My wife is doing a 100 mile lighthouse bike ride on the 8th and I want to hit some trails and camp. We will be driving to Maine on the 7th. I am looking for camping recommendations near Portland for the 7th and then looking to hit some trails after her ride (on the 8th) thru the morning of the...
  15. HEYElliott

    What can we do better for trails?

    Where I am there arent a ton of trails so I want to try and do whatever I can to maintain the ones we do have and hopefully encourage more to open. Other than responsible use and cleaning up after ourselves what else can we do?
  16. Chris Vee

    Is Palomar Divide Road open?

    I was thinking about doing a quick run this weekend on the Palomar Divide Road but I see conflicting reports on whether it's open or closed. Does anyone know for sure?
  17. Hank Outdoors

    Syracuse, NY to Stowe, Vermont trail search.

    I'm headed to Stowe, Vermont at the end of May and I am looking for some cool class 4 roads/trails to explore in VT. I'm going to pick up a Delorme map, but I am looking for any recommendations of "Must Try" roads/spots on the way there. What do you suggest? Thanks in advance!
  18. Fortis Overland

    Grand Canyon South Rim Trip

    Hey fellow overlanders, My wife and I are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon at the end of next month, and I'm 100% unfamiliar with the trails down there, including hikes. Is there anything that is a "must do" at or near the South Rim of the Grand Canyon? We're looking for potential overland...
  19. OverlandTrax

    The Rubicon trail, California

    Just released the Rubicon trail overview and for looking for feedback from the community. If you have feedback and/or corrections on the trail information please let me know. Cheers!
  20. 4RunnerDave

    Run to Durhamtown Off-Road Resort

    Been to this great place for a day trip. I used to ride dirt bikes here about 20 years ago. Took a sort trip back out to see what it looked like and wow! This place has 2 Jeep parks, sections upon sections of 4x4 trails ranging from beginner to Black Diamond, hill climbs, monster mountain...