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  1. S

    NC trail suggestions for 1-2 night trip?

    Hey NC folks, I'm short listing some good trails in NC for a 1-2 night trip. Let me know what you'd recommend! I'm located near Charlotte, NC.
  2. G

    Have you seen this documentary? Trails are being closed!

    Just saw this documentary, From The Ground Up: Keeping The Desert Clean, dropped on Youtube. It's about how trails and public land is being closed due to trash out west. Crazy to see what people are doing instead of packing it in and packing it out. If you have time to watch, check it out!
  3. R

    New member from New Jersey.

    I’m am happy to be a part of the overland community. Just trying to navigate the Site
  4. The Day We Make

    Cancelled "Sun's Out, Rigs Out" Meetup and Trip

    Calling all overlanders! Come show off your rigs! We'll meet up for coffee and donuts, then head into the Apache-Sitegreaves National Forest to hit the trails and camp! This is a 4 day/3 night event to bring us overlanders together for food, fun, and of course, the rig show! Route information...
  5. ryno9562

    US Southeast Gulches ORV Park Trail Clean Up

    Hey fellow Overland Bound members! Let's get together and help out an awesome family owned off road park in SC! View Rally Point
  6. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast The Jason Eddy Land Between the Lakes Extravaganza

    This will be a ride and camp weekend to celebrate a great friend Jason Eddy, a fellow Off Roader, Overlander, a Father and the most humble person you will ever meet. Jason was diagnosed with ALS at the beginning of the 2020. This is a man who asks for nothing, and has no idea we are doing this...
  7. Hank Outdoors

    US Southeast Tennessee - Land Between the Lakes

    Spend the weekend in the Land between the Lakes National Recreation Area with fellow Overland Bound members. Let's get together and hit some trails, camp and enjoy some campfire time. (Each person will need an LBL Basic Camping Permit and you can find these at the links below.)
  8. Overland_The_East

    US East New Hampshire Class VI Roads and Trails

    Hi All, If you are like me and live in the often congested areas of the northeast, or more specifically New England Region of the US, you may find it difficult to find places to overland, wheel, or camp. If you live in or close enough to NH you may already know about or have heard of Class VI...
  9. Aaron Parker

    South Western NC/SC - Gorges State Park Area

    Hey all, I stumbled onto something pretty cool, that SOMEHOW had gotten under my nose this long. I don't think I have even been to this area yet, and my wife and I have spent a good deal of time in the NC mountains. The Video link below turned me onto it. I like the videos and the heart...
  10. DUX1125

    Where am I going?

    Hello everyone I am new here on OB, I am currently in Miami and was wondering where there is (if any) place around south florida to go take a good trip with the family, maybe also stay the night camping. Thanks in advance
  11. Roy & Kristin Zirpoli

    US Northwest Fall Family Camp Out and Bonfire

    Hubert Mcbee Memorial Campground!160765&query=sitedetails
  12. Farmjeepwrangler

    US Southeast Florida ONF Fishing/Camping/Exploring

    **Save the Date: 9/27/19 - 9/29/19** Camping and fishing in the Ocala National Forest. We will start near the St. Johns river and then disperse camp each night, near the next days Lake/pond/River the following day. The Idea is to fish some areas that are difficult to access for most people. We...
  13. Gabriel Bozeman

    US Northwest Walker Valley Day

    Come and join us at Walker Valley ORV (outside of Burlington) for some fun trails and lunch!
  14. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Monthly Meetup - Rigs. Food, Drinks, and Conversation! - Re-occurring

    Come and check out some rigs, talk Overlanding, exploration, and trail riding. I'll be there from 6-8pm and hope to see you there! Come hang out with other members, talk gear, rigs and routes. We'd like to start doing some trail runs, camp outs.. etc together and would love your input and...
  15. Nickzero

    How to Create 4x4 Trails?

    I have a friend who was wondering what tools he would need in order to pave some trails on his land. His land is primary consumed of dense forrest in NC. I recommended: • Gas chain saw with sharp chain • Bow Saw / hand saw • Long shears • Heavy Axe • Tough woodsman line (for hauling or...
  16. animaloverland

    A few pics from our Moab trip in September

    We had a great 8 day trip to Moab in September. We didn't do anything too difficult...but spectacular scenery and enough steep trails with cliffs and some nice rock ledges to keep it interesting. We did Chicken Corners, Beef Basin and Shafer Switchbacks. We were going to add Lathrop Canyon...
  17. ovrlndr

    Is there a trail that you wouldn't run again?

    Whether because of terrain, lack of views, lack of interesting features, bad experiences, or whatever, is there a trail you wouldn't run again?
  18. Hank Outdoors

    Portland Maine Meetup

    I will be in the Portland, Maine area on Friday, September 7th and 8th. I will be staying at Wassamki Springs Campground in Scarborough the night of the 7th. If anyone in the area wants to meet up, grab a beer, coffee, hit some trails or check out rigs, let me know. If there is interest I...
  19. ckkphoto

    Daniel Boone Backcountry Byway - 08/11/2018

    View Rally Point Details
  20. Trail_Blazer

    Trip Planning and Navigation using ONX Maps

    I searched for Onx Maps on the site, but didn't find any reference to it. One of the big challenges is planning off-road or back road trips in the open spaces. A lot of these areas are owned by ranchers and farmers that don't want you on their property. And you can't really blame them when...