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  1. M Rose

    Cheap “Tips” and “Tricks

    Inspired by @Michael and @Corrie ’s very well thought out YouTube video series, thank you guys, The Northwest has dubbed May “Overland Bound KISS” month. The Sunday Night Northwest Conference Call will be focusing on making our loads lighter, trips longer, and enjoying the outdoors better, all...
  2. Wanderlost

    Tips On Planning An Overland Adventure

    Hi Fellow Overlanders, We'd like to take a moment to share a video with you. A couple weeks ago we made an overland journey through a large portion of the public lands in Nebraska and South Dakota. In the video we talk about how we plan our trips and cope with "changes" in the plan...
  3. Niko Caignie

    Spain - Portugal Trip: Recommendations

    Hi, We are four: Me and my wife and our 2 girls (6-7). Since our last trip this summer in Sweden & Norway (report here) we don't want to wait another year to the next trip. So we are planning to head to Spain & Portugal for two weeks somewhere in January/February next year. The idea is to...
  4. brien

    The 12oz "Shower" - how do you keep clean?

    Here in AZ we need lots of water when we go out, especially in the heat. Since it's a constant battle between room for water and room for gear, especially if our whole family of 5 is going out, I think we've gotten pretty good at conserving our water. One of the 'luxuries' that consume our water...
  5. Corrie

    Overland Without the Rule Book

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Overland Without the Rule Book We are big fans and followers of Luke Gelmi (Overland Bound Member #3482) and his overlanding adventures throughout Africa on his Royal Enfield. We asked him what inspired him to take this trip,... Continue reading...
  6. Corrie

    Threshold Braking 101: When Rubber Meets Ice

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Threshold Braking 101: When Rubber Meets Ice on the Trail This article is a starting point to learn more about threshold braking. We hope it helps keep you rubber side down on the trails! As many of you know, Michael... Continue reading the...