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  1. Jose Losoya

    South Padre Island ,Tx (South West Region)

    Hello , I'd Like to invite EVERYONE to come and join us down at South Padre Island Meet up for a night on 5/12/18 ! (more info in Rally Point)
  2. Marty clock

    DFW meet and greet January 2018 - 01/20/2018

    We will be meeting at 6 pm for dinner and follow up with ideas and inspiration from fellow overlanders as we swap stories and check out the latest things you have done to your rig. We meet from 6pm to 9pm at Uncle bucks restaurant In Bass Pro shop in Grapevine. Please rsvp so we can let them...
  3. sethingham

    Trip to the Southwest

    My wife and I are planning a trip to the southwestern US in the spring. We're from Indiana so we'll be probably be going through Arkansas and Texas to get to New Mexico, Arizona, California and even up to Utah and Colorado. What are your don't miss camp spots, drives, hikes, things to do, etc...
  4. Marty clock

    DFW Meet and Greet December 2017 - 12/16/2017

    Great opportunity to meet other overlanders, enjoy a great meal and check out some rigs for great ideas. Starts at 6pm. We will be finished around 9pm. We will meet at Uncle Bucks Restaurant in the Bass Pro Shop at Grapevine. Please RSVP and let us know how many will be in your group so we can...
  5. skully

    Tour de Texas

    My wife and I took a trip through Texas. We mostly stayed at Texas State Parks but also included a great wheeling park near Marble Falls, Tx called Hidden Falls Adventure Park. I cannot recommend it highly enough. As for staying at state parks, we liked: Pedernales Falls State Park Hidden...
  6. CameronDallaire

    Trip from FL to LA

    I am a brand new member and hardly know how to work this app/site yet haha. If there is already a thread for this than I apologize. I am 25 and have my 2013 JKU almost set to go for LA Cali. I am traveling from st.augustine FL and the maps won't show up for me in the app. I wanted to map out how...
  7. Laud

    North Texas Rolling Meet and Greet - 11/03/2017

    ---- NOV 3-4-5 ---- I will be hosting a small Rolling M&G. I will be departing after work (from Venus Texas), making my way down to Lake Whitney (entrance gates lock at 10PM) to stay the night (FREE). Saturday morning, 11AM, depart for Navarro Mills Lake and stay the night (FREE). Sunday...
  8. BaseballandMusic

    Austin, TX!

    Hello! Excited to be a member of this fine group. I don't know if I can say I'm even NEW yet to overlanding as that would suggest I've done some of it. I purchased my 2015 Toyota TRD Pro a little over a year ago and I am anxious to get out into the wild and inject some adventure into my life...
  9. DesertGoat

    JKUs & RTTs

    Taking the experiences and opinions of anyone with knowledge or interest in RTT set up and builds. Roof Top Tent Novice with a JKURubicon needing a little advice and insight. Stories, warnings, and 'had I knowns' welcome in either D/M or on thread. The vehicle - 2011 JKU Rubicon w/ KargoMaster...
  10. TheBelafonte

    Looking for an easy trail or two on my route

    Hi there! I'm Richard, brand new to the OB community and happy to be here. I was hoping someone might have some input on a trip of mine coming up in October. My fiancé and I are packing up and moving to Colorado from Philadelphia mid October. Our route will be down through Nashville > New...
  11. The GrooGrux King

    DFW's Meet and Greet Drawing Board

    Greetings, I am in the middle of organizing a meet for the DFW Overland Bound Members. I have been in contact with an owner of a local establishment in Dallas and he is all about having us! Being that I have a location, I am working out the details on WHEN this will be happening. A few things...
  12. SLO_Goat

    Cross Country(ies) in the TJ

    Howdy ya'll! In late May, I'll be taking my '97 TJ from the Bay to Augusta, GA. The only two hard objectives of this trip are to visit CU Boulder and get to Augusta by June 12. I am under no illusion that my route will stay as planned (linked Excel sheet) and I'll post updates as it's refined...
  13. MA_Trooper

    Texas Hill Country (My Farewell Tour)

    I haven't driven the Texas Hill Country from Junction to Llano in ages and I want to run those soft roads one last time before I'm brought back up to the east coast. It's a good weekend run. I'm thinking beginning of May would be good. Who want's in? Let's make this happen.
  14. jrbechthold

    Anyone ever do this route? West of Austin, TX?

    Directions from Expedition Portal are spotty at best... https://expeditionportal.com/36-hours-of-adventure-hill-and-horns-texas-hillcountry/ If any of you have done this trail, or know more specific directions, I would greatly appreciate it... looks like a great weekend with my kids!
  15. jrbechthold

    Lonestar Toyota Jamboree - May 4th - 7th

    LoneStar Toyota Jamboree Any Texas or surrounding area members planning on or interested in attending this event? I met the owner / organizer this morning on my way to work (saw a sweet Tacoma pulling out of a driveway on my street and thought he was potentially a new neighbor, so I went over...
  16. Travis Barker

    Convoy to Overland Expo West 2017 - Texas

    So Overland Expo West 2017 is roughly 5 1/2 months away(May 12, 2017 to May 14, 2017). I have already got my tickets. I am seeing who from Texas is going and who would like to meet up and convoy there with the possibility of site seeing and hitting some trails either on the way or on the way...
  17. sarsaparilla

    First trip in the new rig

    We (my girlfriend, the dog, and I) are planning our first trip in my new to me 2014 Toyota Tacoma, and I am really excited to hit the road. We have spent the last month getting the truck as prepared as we can afford and we are ready for some adventure. The idea is Austin to Phoenix and back...