First Overland Trip - TX to NC and back.

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This is my first thread and our first overland trip.
Our vehicle is a 2018 4Runner ORP. We are working on upgrades and armor right now in preparation for this trip, which I have been "planning" since early December. There will be 4 of us, (Wife, 2 kids, and myself).
3/20 - We are starting in North Texas. Our first stop will be on the way to Memphis, TN. I really want to stay in as few hotels as possible for this trip, this is where I need help...

Can anyone point me to some FREE camping spots for overlanding within 2 hours of Memphis? Hopefully something we could drive into between 2300 - 0200 depending on what time we actually leave the house.

3/21 - After the first night we are going to hit some tourist attractions in TN on our way to Asheville, NC. We have family friends near Asheville that we are going to spend a few days with.
3/22 - While in Western NC we plan to spend much of our time with my best friend who just recently retired from the Marines. (We both joined right out of high school.)
3/23 - I plan to hit the Hurricane Creek Trail (Hopefully some local folks can join! Feel free to hit me up to meet and trail ride together.)
3/24 - We plan to leave NC early to head towards the Georgia Traverse Trail. Unfortunately we are on a limited time frame and can only spend two nights in the traverse.
3/26 - We will exit the traverse early in the morning to make tracks towards New Orleans, LA. We do plan to spend a night in a hotel there and see some more tourist attractions as well as get cleaned up and ready for our plans in Baton Rouge
3/27 - Check out and drive up to Baton Rouge where we have plans to meet some people and do a tour which I am very excited for! Afterwards we will end our vacation and head home.

There plans are all best case scenario. Depending on weather and children (5 and 2) things may change.