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  1. Jermaniac

    Imprezzed Forester

    I'm happy I stumbled upon this forum, just when I thought forums were dead since Facebook became a thing. Greetings to all reading my long post, typing from the Netherlands, where there just isn't an overlanding scene. Two years ago I bought a bone stock, cheap Impreza wagon with 200k...
  2. Island Overlander

    Eagles fighting over fish

    Didn’t have time to change settings on the camera.
  3. ovrlndr

    OB Approved Personal Satellite Communicators

    Everyone participating in outdoor recreation of any kind in remote areas, especially those where cell reception is spotty or non-existent, contact with other people is infrequent, and the elements and/or terrain can lead to accidents, injury, or death should consider some type of personal...
  4. Kyle & Kari Frink

    OB Approved B.O.B. (Bug out Bag)

    SURVIVAL CONSIDERATION: For those of you who consider yourselves or want to be a: "Survivalist" "Doomsday Prepper" "Zombie Apocalypse/Outbreak Survivalist" "Alien Invasion Survivalist" "Armageddon Survivalist" "End Timer" If you think or feel that any of these might apply to you, consider...
  5. fledwell

    Exotac nanoSpark and titanLight

    If you're not familiar with Exotac they're a Georgia-based company that builds some of the most unique and well-built survival products on the market. OutdoorX4 contributor Matt Glass recently field tested their nanoSpark and titanLight, and you can read all about them from our website in the...
  6. Corrie

    Overland Without the Rule Book

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Overland Without the Rule Book We are big fans and followers of Luke Gelmi (Overland Bound Member #3482) and his overlanding adventures throughout Africa on his Royal Enfield. We asked him what inspired him to take this trip,... Continue reading...
  7. Corrie

    Threshold Braking 101: When Rubber Meets Ice

    Corrie submitted an Article on the main site! Threshold Braking 101: When Rubber Meets Ice on the Trail This article is a starting point to learn more about threshold braking. We hope it helps keep you rubber side down on the trails! As many of you know, Michael... Continue reading the...
  8. Trenchfighter


    One of the things I like to do when Im out and about is put my bush crafting skills to the test...firestarting, shelter building, food gathering, you get the point. Here a campsite we built for my brothers non-traditional bachelors party, appropriately dubbed "Bachpocolypse" It was a total blast...