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  1. Brigand Outdoors

    New Storage Solution (Prototype) and Lithium Dual Battery System - Thoughts?

    Hey Guys - Overlander enthusiast out of San Diego here. Just recently switched from a Tacoma to a 4Runner and have been working on getting it kitted out for the trail. One thing I have been spending a lot of time on is storage and the dual battery system. From everything I have read, lithiums...
  2. O

    JK/JKU Overland Outfitters Sherpa Saddle Bag (Black)

    No use for these anymore, awesome quality just don't need them anymore. I do have the 2dr zipper strips so these should fit a 2door and 4door. $150. Description from website The elegantly durable Sherpa Saddle Bag takes that useless, dead space over the fenders on any ’07-’18 Wrangler JK, and...
  3. Zappe

    Molle Panels 4th Gen 4Runner

    Wanted to share an example to store your safety gear that keeps it within easy reach. A set of molle panels, which are available from several different vendors for the 4Runner, work well. This is on my 4th gen and allows me to carry fire extinguishers (with quick release mounts), first aid kit...
  4. F

    Truck bed storage ideas

    So once I get my topper, I'm planning on putting a mattress in the back for camping like in the pictures. Thing is I need storage on the sides instead of a drawer system under the bed because I want to sit up. I know I can build it from wood, but I was thinking of pre-built things I could leave...
  5. S

    US East Decked Drawer/ToolBox System for Colorado Zr2 - 5'2" bed

    For Sale -$800 - Decked drawer system for a 2018 ZR2 with the short bed (will also fit the Z71 or standard Colorado with the 5 foot bed). I purchased them for $1,200 less than 6 months ago, and just haven’t been able to figure out a way to use them that is more useful than the space they take...
  6. TheGreyhound

    Packing / Consumable Inventory List?

    So, every time we go out, we are constantly rummaging through our boxes to figure out "what do we have, what do we need more of?" Things like, batteries, wet wipes, tent stakes, garbage bags, whatevers. Does anyone have a good/useful template or packing/consumables list already whipped up in...
  7. DanAce24

    Looking for storage container recommendations.

    Hi All! My husband and I are looking to invest in a new storage system for our camping gear. The system we have been using is not the best, as we have one big container for all our supplies. As a result, it has been difficult to find things that float to the bottom of the container and it is...
  8. R

    SOLD Clearview Kitchen - fold out cooking surface and storage - new in box; slightly damaged - $400

    Hi, This unit was very slightly dented en route to me as shown in the pics. Retails for $599, I’ll sell it for $400. Shipping from 94549 not included and does not come with the sliding/dipping tray.
  9. Wanderlost

    Another Drawer Build, This One's Easy Though

    We just finished up another storage drawer system yesterday! This one isn't near as elaborate as our last, but is super easy and inexpensive to build. Can't wait to put "stuff" in it. If you're interested, we produced a detailed video of its construction.
  10. Tres

    SOLD Texas - MAKE OFFER Front Runner Fridge Slide / Drawer Cabinet Combo BRAND NEW

    I have a brand new Front Runner Outfitters SUV type cabinet with a fridge slide and drawer slide storage. This unit is completely unused. Bought for my Bronco build a few months ago and didn't take into consideration the slant of the back seat and cargo area. Didn't fit by about 1" so I never...
  11. WellFuch

    DIY Inexpensive Quick Release Roof Cargo Box

    Just finished up this project this morning, and thought it was a good thing to share a how-to for. Our 2001 Cherokee is our purpose-budget-built camping vehicle, and we have made a bed platform for the back in order to be able to not add too much size and weight (and cost) with a RTT. The down...
  12. LRDSII

    SOLD Pelican case

    Through work I have an access to ~15 brand new iM2875 Pelican case, we want to get rid of at a very cheap price ($100) the original value is ~$300 these cases are brand new with a custom foam which you can keep or get rid of and use the case as you wish. Please see the pictures attached, if...
  13. mitchellsk8s

    Dobinsons Drawer System for 5th Gen T4R

    Does anyone have any experience with the dobinsons drawer system, pros/cons, etc.? I just came across them and they look like what I'm going for. How was your install? Any info you have on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  14. St8ton

    JKU Rear Seat Delete - Storage Platform

    Just finishing up my rear seat delete. After roughly 2 years of no one sitting back there I figured it was time to make better use of the space. And now that it's about done, I realize I should've done it long ago. Two storage cubbies access the underside of the platform along with open entry...
  15. ovrlndr

    OB Approved Overland Photography: Storing and Sharing Photographs

    One of my absolute favorite things to do on forums, whether it be here on OB or one of the various other forums I'm a member of, is share photographs of adventures and trips. For me, photography is a hobby that I really enjoy pursuing and it goes hand-in-hand with overland travel. To avoid...
  16. Jibs

    Cast Iron Pan Storage Solutions

    How do you guys store and carry your Cat Iron while Overlanding and traveling? I'm in the process of searching for some sort of bag or something to store mine in while in transit.
  17. St8ton

    Dog crate molle rack

    I recently repurposed an old dog crate divider rack. You know, the kind that come in larger dog crates so you can quarter off the pup and as it grows so does the crate. Well, that has been sitting on a shelf for years and finally I looked at it in a different light the other day and saw a DIY...
  18. tstead60

    Best way to secure a drawer system

    I'm getting pretty close to finishing the second iteration of the drawer system for the back of my 4th gen 4runner and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for securing them in the back. I used turnbuckles for the last variant and they worked okay but would constantly regularly loosen...
  19. Leclerc.27

    Storage Thoughts

    I actually held off on posting this, but it's been a very welcome, effective and inexpensive alternative for my beginning overlanding adventures and storage solutions. While with the other half at The Container Store, I came across some "Weathertight Totes". I took a look and they are sturdy...
  20. Wolfy

    Simply Drawerless Drawer System with Slide-Out table from 1 sheet of Plywood

    This is version 3 of an SUV Cargo Storage deck that I’m calling a Drawerless Drawer System, and I think I’m done for now. Here's the build video with full process. At the end I address the critical measurements. Keep reading below for more build details and measurements for a 3rd gen 4runner...