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  1. TheWanderFüchs

    DIY Inexpensive Quick Release Roof Cargo Box

    Just finished up this project this morning, and thought it was a good thing to share a how-to for. Our 2001 Cherokee is our purpose-budget-built camping vehicle, and we have made a bed platform for the back in order to be able to not add too much size and weight (and cost) with a RTT. The down...

    SOLD Pelican case

    Through work I have an access to ~15 brand new iM2875 Pelican case, we want to get rid of at a very cheap price ($100) the original value is ~$300 these cases are brand new with a custom foam which you can keep or get rid of and use the case as you wish. Please see the pictures attached, if...
  3. mitchellsk8s

    Dobinsons Drawer System for 5th Gen T4R

    Does anyone have any experience with the dobinsons drawer system, pros/cons, etc.? I just came across them and they look like what I'm going for. How was your install? Any info you have on them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  4. St8ton

    JKU Rear Seat Delete - Storage Platform

    Just finishing up my rear seat delete. After roughly 2 years of no one sitting back there I figured it was time to make better use of the space. And now that it's about done, I realize I should've done it long ago. Two storage cubbies access the underside of the platform along with open entry...
  5. ovrlndr

    OB Approved Overland Photography: Storing and Sharing Photographs

    One of my absolute favorite things to do on forums, whether it be here on OB or one of the various other forums I'm a member of, is share photographs of adventures and trips. For me, photography is a hobby that I really enjoy pursuing and it goes hand-in-hand with overland travel. To avoid...
  6. Jibs

    Cast Iron Pan Storage Solutions

    How do you guys store and carry your Cat Iron while Overlanding and traveling? I'm in the process of searching for some sort of bag or something to store mine in while in transit.
  7. St8ton

    Dog crate molle rack

    I recently repurposed an old dog crate divider rack. You know, the kind that come in larger dog crates so you can quarter off the pup and as it grows so does the crate. Well, that has been sitting on a shelf for years and finally I looked at it in a different light the other day and saw a DIY...
  8. tstead60

    Best way to secure a drawer system

    I'm getting pretty close to finishing the second iteration of the drawer system for the back of my 4th gen 4runner and I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions for securing them in the back. I used turnbuckles for the last variant and they worked okay but would constantly regularly loosen...
  9. Leclerc.27

    Storage Thoughts

    I actually held off on posting this, but it's been a very welcome, effective and inexpensive alternative for my beginning overlanding adventures and storage solutions. While with the other half at The Container Store, I came across some "Weathertight Totes". I took a look and they are sturdy...
  10. Wolfy

    Simply Drawerless Drawer System with Slide-Out table from 1 sheet of Plywood

    This is version 3 of an SUV Cargo Storage deck that I’m calling a Drawerless Drawer System, and I think I’m done for now. Here's the build video with full process. At the end I address the critical measurements. Keep reading below for more build details and measurements for a 3rd gen 4runner...
  11. DangerBear028

    Jeep TJ DIY Trunk & Console

    I just completed my DIY trunk and console for my 2003 Jeep Wrangler. I still have to add tie down points on the trunk, and various mounts (axe,shovel, hi-lift). The Max-5 camo lid will match my Marathon seat covers, whenever they arrive. #9760
  12. WildBill

    DIY Drawer storage 2014 JK

    Hey ya folks! After being inspired by @Ryan Welch , I have started working on a storage box for the back of my JK, it will be a simple two drawer system but It’s all I need. So far I have sketched out a plan based on the size I’m shooting for and made rough estimates on measurements and what...
  13. BEAR

    Free storage drawers

    hey everyone. I have storage drawer that came out of an old battalion chiefs rig. The plus side it’s free and it’s pretty nice. The down side it’s heavy. I need it gone soon. It’s in Rodeo California. Bay Area. Call or text me on my cell (925)389-8504 30 1/4” w 49 3/4” Long w/ turn knob 23...
  14. Chadlyb

    Any good ideas for storage or partial back seat conversions for my 2011 Toyota Tacoma?

    Have a 4 Dr 2011 Toyota Tacoma Trd Sport and I'm looking for good ideas, goodies, gadgets for my back seat to add storage ..or some type of conversion would be great too..especially if it goes in when I'm headed out and removable.
  15. Cole McClung

    Pull out kitchen & storage

    I recently built a pull out kitchen and storage to organize my cooking stuff. I spent weeks looking at peoples set ups (some crazier than others) and decided to go with something fairly simple to what other people are doing. I was going to mount it on tracks to be able to pull it out easy but...
  16. Gary Bzzz

    Rear storage and kitchen concept

    Like a lot of ideas, this one began with looking at what others have already done and deciding what fits best in my world. Thankfully I have the tools and skills to customize and make this type of project. I'll likely skip the interior jerry cans but keep much of the rest. Probably shorten the...
  17. ShredHead

    SOLD Frontrunner Transit Bag XL - Sacramento/Northern CA

    ****SOLD**** Selling my Frontrunner Transit bag XL. Used it for less than 1 year so it is in good condition. Decided to buy a hard-shell rooftop cargo box so I no longer have the need for this transit bag. The unfolded dimensions are 47.2" L x 19.7" W x 11.8" H. Asking $90 local pick up in...
  18. St8ton

    JKU Interior Cargo Rack - AT/Teraflex/Vector

    I've done some searchin' and some researchin' and was just wondering what the OB group had to say about these options I've narrowed it down to. Option#1 After ExpoEast this past weekend I got to look at a couple and am currently leaning towards the AT Overland Interior Rack...
  19. Scarab

    Boxes & Storage

    Hi All, For the past 3 years I've been using Wolf Boxes which are great as I have the Hannibal Wolf Box cover which keeps 2 of them nice and dust free and dry. Getting a bit sick of the infernal clips on the darn things breaking and a few of the lids appear to have warped with time and...
  20. David Munoz

    Zarges aluminum case

    I've always wanted an Alu-box but I couldn't get myself to pay the steep price for one. I decided to try my luck on craigslist and my local swap meet. After about a month of searching I managed to find myself a Zarges and I couldn't be happier! It was in rough shape when I bought it; it had...