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  1. Eventyr_jt

    Spare tire carrier

    I need some help with a unique problem and hoped some of you might have a workable solution… My rig is a 2021 Jeep Gladiator Willys with stock 255/75R17 MT tires. I have a soft top and a Softopper over the bed - no racks. I just replaced the factory plastic bumper with a steel, slim, high...
  2. stickel

    Tire Carrier: Driver or passenger side?

    Alright, I've searched but my Google-foo isn't as strong as I'd like for this topic. I'm curious, for those of you with rear bumper tire carriers which side is your spare tire mounted on and which way does it swing out? For bonus points, why did you choose that side? I'm leaning towards having...
  3. LVCoffeeguy

    DIY-Low Cost Swing Down Hitch Mount Spare Tire Rack

    Well, that seems to be a mouthful but I wanted to make sure that it would show up in the search bar for the next guy looking for an inexpensive way to mount your spare tire to your hitch. When I started this endeavor I had looked and looked for a quality hitch mount spare tire holder that...
  4. feetforbrains

    Spare Tire Paradox

    I upgraded my van's shoes last week. Which maximized the size of the tire I can run without additional lift. The problem, the 30" BFG AT K/O2s won't fit in the spare cage behind the rear axle. Right now I've "solved" the issue by removing the cage completely as well as the rear bench (which I...
  5. Chadlyb

    Tacoma owners that have removed your spare and relocated it

    So I'm thinking of pulling my spare from under my truck and relocating it to the bed. Protecting the spare from road debris and damage . Another member had great idea of securing it to bed inside rail system. Plan on rack system for the bed and attaching it to that later. Appreciate thoughts and...
  6. GXnGS

    SOLD Wilco Hitchgate Classic Expo West

    I have a classic Wilco Hitchgate for sale that's been used on 3 trips. Manufactured April 2016 so it's about a year old. No rust, works perfectly. I also added a rotopax mount but I'll probably keep it. But the holes are there to add one if you want. I'm going to get another one but need it to...