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  1. maviccbr

    iKamper and flex solar panels

    Hi, I have an iKamper mini on the back of my truck, next the to tow hitch I also have a red anderson plug to accept solar input which I normally use for my panels when Im parked up camping. I would like to know if anyone out there has attempted to stick flexible solar panels to the roof of an...
  2. O

    FOR SALE Jackery SolarSaga 100w (MA) $225

    I bought this about 8 months ago to run two 100w panels to charge my Jackery. After 8 months of use I don’t need to run two of them and 1 is sufficient for my needs. Panel still in great condition. $225 local sale only.
  3. dfpgreg714

    For Sale-Solar Camper Shell 3rd Gen Tacoma 2016-2021-Costa Mesa, CA $2250

    Photo Gallery Getting my 4WheelCamper soon so it's time to sell my current set up. $2,250, Costa Mesa, CA. Local Pick up. 6ft Camper shell (with Solar system) for 3rd Gen Tacoma (2016-2021) Purchased new in 2018. Added solar system (Details Below)to power my Fridge (Not for Sale) and camera...
  4. TN_4Runner

    5th Gen 4Runner Setup

    This thread I will be showing gear choice, how I pack it, radios, navigation, recovery gear and whatever else. I have a '18 4Runner without a lift and have done some great trips and camping. New gear that I picked up is a Midland 40w GMRS radio and solar generator and panel. I will update with...
  5. xcrunnerME

    Redarc or ...?

    Hello out there, Let me start by stating I'm a complete novice but we are doing a ton of research to get our ride ready for a 3+ month overland sabbatical. The question I'm looking for feedback on is between using a Redarc vehicle charging system with a solar panel or using an Inergy and...
  6. Embark With Mark

    Battery Maintenance - Is this something you do?

    Lately, due to our current situation, I have been driving less. The Jeep comes out about every two weeks or so. In order to keep the battery conditioned, I installed a modular solar system. What methods do you use to extend the life of your battery? Solar, battery tender, Solar battery tender...
  7. OutdoorTxs

    Solar Powered, Portable Sirius Radio

    Ever get camp set up, and you go to turn on some jams, and you cant get fm radio, or wifi? Sure you could play some music stored on your phone, but that just drains the battery. I looked unsuccessfully for a solution, and decided to just make one! I scored a Sirius Radio, and purchased the...
  8. Sandpoint Steve

    US Northwest Inland Northwest Monthly Conferance Call

    Let's Talk POWER. Sigle Battery Dual Battery Solar??? Dial-in number (US): (605) 472-5383 Access code: 586895# International dial-in numbers: Online meeting ID: stevemarchiando Join the online meeting: For additional assistance connecting to the...
  9. A

    SOLD Alu Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent w/Shadow Awning and Solar

    Selling my Alu-Cab Gen 3 Expedition Tent, with Alu-Cab Shadow Awning mounted to the tent, and a 180w solar panel mounted to the roof of the tent. There is some pinstriping on the tent from trees and a nick on the awning bag that is cosmetic. I'm selling it as one and will not be pieced out...
  10. bama_life_FX4

    New Setup 2019 Ford Ranger FX4

    Been a while since I've posted and the truck has gone over a pretty good overhaul since then. Upgraded the suspension to a 3.5" Fabtech lift, swapped out the tires for 275/70/R17 BFG KO2s and Fuel Ammo wheels. Added a solar panel and power distribution box. Added Roush Air Intake and exhaust...
  11. theMightyGoose

    New Goal Zero Yeti 500x

    Just wanted to share some information on the new Goal Zero Yetis. I'm a new convert to fridges from rotomolded coolers. Got a new Dometic CFX3 55im, and thought that's all I needed in a 4Runner for extended road trips. Then I learned about OEM vs. deep cycle vs. dual battery setup vs...
  12. tjk775

    4Runner Camp/Explore build

    So i bought my little 4runner because I got sick of taking my car offroad for camping shooting and such. Bought it in June 2018 and she is coming together nicely. Besides the wheels, i got it 100% stock and garage kept. @GreatBasin_T4R
  13. T

    DIY 12V Power Supply with Schematic

    Here is a schematic I have drawn up for a 12 volt power supply that I am currently working on. Please disregard the power inverter being direct wired to the battery. I have changed this because I have wired banana jacks to the battery for direct power so I can plug the inverter into them because...
  14. ShyTRex

    Solar Setup

    Hi Folks, Looking for advice and direction.. I've been watching a silly amount of youtube videos and reading a crap load of sites on building a solar generator. I think i've got the basic components down but I don't really have much knowledge on what I NEED persay.. What I know.. I'll have 4x...
  15. G

    SOLD 2015 Turtleback Expedition $18k best offer

    It has been used less than ten times for probably less than 30 nights About 8k highway miles on the tires Garth Perez garthperez at yahoo dot com Feel free to ask any questions Will consider delivery outside the Tampa area for $0.50 a mile depending on sale price Check out their website for...
  16. rainbow94

    FOR SALE GoalZero Portable Solar Power Kit (UT)

    I am selling my complete GoalZero portable solar power setup. I purchased these items just over a year ago to power my ARB fridge, camera equipment and sometimes laptop while on the road for extended periods of time. It has proved very useful but my needs have changed and I no longer have use...
  17. Caddis

    Solar Power 101 Advice For Trailer

    So, as I get closer to finishing my trailer, I need some help. I hope someone can show me some pictures of their solar setup. I would like to see a more detailed pictures. I could be over thinking this. Really, all I the power I'll need is to run LED rope lights.
  18. Corey

    Lets See Your Solar Setups For Camping

    I have gone with a few 100 watt solar panels, and I just upgraded yesterday. I have upgraded again, I took possession of the Overland Solar 120 watt folding one yesterday. Owner Brian drove to my home and hand delivered it too, as he was on this side of the mountains, very cool. He dropped by...
  19. The Traveling Shepherd

    Solar dealer/installer

    Does anyone have a dealer/installer in the MI,OH,IN area that they trust and does a great job?
  20. Mouflon

    REDARC amorphous system for aux battery support

    I'm about ready to pull the trigger on the REDARC amorphous 112w solar kit. After researching, I decided amorphous fit my particular needs best: productivity rates at morning and afternoon. I tend to be on the move mid day and unable to able to capture ideal light at the times which...