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  1. xcrunnerME

    Redarc or ...?

    Hello out there, Let me start by stating I'm a complete novice but we are doing a ton of research to get our ride ready for a 3+ month overland sabbatical. The question I'm looking for feedback on is between using a Redarc vehicle charging system with a solar panel or using an Inergy and...
  2. kithound

    Off-The-Grid Solar Setup Needs a Dummy Check

    Hey all, Gonna be spending some more time on the road soon, and I thought before I did I would install an auxiliary battery/solar setup for the Monty. I was initially thinking of getting a Goal Zero setup, Yeti 400 + Nomad, but the $750+ price tag has me exploring other options, and the idea of...
  3. k_dipietro

    Tiny Fuse Block for Jeep Wrangler JKU

    I've been looking for a compact solution for some time to add a little fuse block inside the cab, somewhere in the dash. I haven't found a perfect DIY solution yet, so I decided to R&D a little something. I wanted a solution to power my dash cam, additional dash USB ports, CB radio, and room for...
  4. F

    FOR SALE Borderland Outpost

    Custom built in 2016 by Borderland Trailers in Utah. Visit the website http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/the-outpost Options on mine: Kitchen Package: http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/kitchen Power Package (modified with no solar): http://www.borderlandtrailers.com/power-pkg Canteen...
  5. Rburt77YJ

    How Much Battery Power do I need

    I am building an overland trailer and it is going to have a dometic 40 qt fridge on board. I want to put a battery on the trailer so I can be disconnected and still have cool stuff when i get back. Having a hard time finding anything on power consumption for the cooler. I would like to be...
  6. ShyTRex

    Solar Setup

    Hi Folks, Looking for advice and direction.. I've been watching a silly amount of youtube videos and reading a crap load of sites on building a solar generator. I think i've got the basic components down but I don't really have much knowledge on what I NEED persay.. What I know.. I'll have 4x...
  7. rainbow94

    FOR SALE GoalZero Portable Solar Power Kit (UT)

    I am selling my complete GoalZero portable solar power setup. I purchased these items just over a year ago to power my ARB fridge, camera equipment and sometimes laptop while on the road for extended periods of time. It has proved very useful but my needs have changed and I no longer have use...
  8. Michael

    Bestek 300 Watt Power Inverter

    Going on record to say this little thing is a beast: We did a semi permanent install in the OB Rig, and plugged in a 10 port USB charging station. The bomb. Ran Corries computer too. I think @Mademan925 has one too. M
  9. Pippinized

    Powering your house with your car in an emergency

    Emergency power from your car to power home appliances by way of your vehicle, as well as battery banks, solar info, etc. I found this info from a podcast called "The Survival Podcast", and hope to get my Xterra set up, just in case. One of my favorite podcasts, as well as information...