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  1. Tommys

    Tread Lightly when your out

    As a Scout, I learned "pack it in and pack it out". As Overlanders, we should do the same. Tread Lightly is my motto: Check it out: Tread Lightly
  2. North40overland

    Organized vs. OCD. Where is the line?

    My wife is always giving me a hard time that I am too OCD when it comes to packing the rig. I say "do you hear anything rattling....exactly." How far do you go when organizing your rig? I know boxes add weight but I also don't want junk flopping around when we are on the trail.
  3. sterling may

    Gear that I can't go without.

    Last weekend camping in the wet cold in east Texas was a good reminder of the gear that I had and the gear that I wish I had. First off having my Mr. Heater was a game changer. I wouldn't have been able to sit in my camp chair and enjoy being outside without this. Also it didn't rip through my...
  4. TheGreyhound

    Packing / Consumable Inventory List?

    So, every time we go out, we are constantly rummaging through our boxes to figure out "what do we have, what do we need more of?" Things like, batteries, wet wipes, tent stakes, garbage bags, whatevers. Does anyone have a good/useful template or packing/consumables list already whipped up in...
  5. Corrie

    When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig

    LawnDart submitted an Article on the main site! When Your Daily Driver is Your Overland Rig We recently connected with Overland Bound Member #0833, Isaac Marchionna about his mega loaded up overland rig that he uses every day as his daily driver in Downtown Portland. He gives us his...
  6. Michael

    The Ultimate Overland Checklist

    Hey all, I get asked time and time again from people interested in overlanding, "what do I need to bring?" Here is a list of equipment, dry goods, and other items needed on your overland trip. This is separate from your vehicle, another topic altogether! I hope this is useful! The Checklist