overland trailer

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  1. nolimitsoverland

    Our Patriot Camper X3 Walk Around Vid

    We finally released our walk around vid on our YouTube channel for anyone that is interested
  2. Embark With Mark

    Cheap Jeep Trailer DIY Spare Tire Carrier

    Its time to resurrect the Cheap Jeep Trailer. This has been a project for some time now and honestly, was a project that fell off my radar for a while. But now I think its time to bring it back. So, this time I build a spare tire carrier for the trailer project out of an old bent axle shaft. The...
  3. CHAURY08

    Newbie Trailer build. AT-ST

    I'm starting my first trailer build. Trailer named AT-ST to go with my AT-AT(2017 OR Tacoma) I'm still new to Overlanding and somewhat new to forums. More or less creep then actually post. A buddy of mine started this build but ended up going to an RV so I ended up getting it for a great...

    My M1101

    Bought a 2005 M1101, picking it up on Saturday. The tires and wheels have been swapped out, bed lined, body painted and wired for civilian use. Not sure if I will cap it or leave it open and put a rack system in?
  5. SwansonDigital

    US Northwest CVT Overland Trailer with 30 Gal Water System, Power, RTT

    2019 CVT Trailer with Roof Top Tent, 30 Gal Water System, 1000Wh power system, Slide Out with 12v Fridge. $11,500 obo I've had this trailer since March 2019. I have made many modifications and additions to it. It is a great camping rig. It pulls easy on the highway and will follow anywhere your...
  6. Conrad318

    US Southeast Custom M1102 Off Road Camper $6000

    For sale $6000 OBO Located in New Orleans is my custom built M1102 Camper conversion. See Link for more build photos. M1102 Overland Trailer On top you have a 5 gal solar hot water tank that is pressurized off of the tire or air compressor. The Front Jerry can mount was removed and a...
  7. rustyrobo

    SOLD SOLD - Colorado - 2013 AT Horizon Trailer - $10,000 OBO

    SOLD - 2013 AT Horizon Trailer for Sale $10,000 - Eezi Awn Globe Tracker Trailer Tent - AT Kitchen w/ Cook Partner 2 burner stove - 1 – propane mount (tank not included) - Nose Box with Noco marine 10 Amp single battery charger, AGM group 31 deep cycle battery (battery tray and hold down), 3...
  8. S

    SOLD SOLD: PRICE DROP M101A2 Overland Trailer w/ RTT - $5,000 - SF Bay Area

    Military surplus M101A2 trailer with Tuff Stuff Overland Roof Top Tent with annex room (Tuff Stuff® "Elite" Overland Roof Top Jeep & Truck Tent, 5 Person). Custom aluminum roof rack with room for equipment or a box next to the tent and custom lockable tonneau cover. The trailer is free of rust...
  9. A-Aron

    Family Overland Trailer Build - A-Aron

  10. JKSteve13

    US Southwest Jeep Trailer & Tent ***SOLD***

    Selling a custom built Jeep trailer with a Freespirit Recreation Jeep tent and awning. --All steel trailer with tent rack --M49 Freespirit Recreation Tent and awning --3500lb axle --LED trailer lights --Aluminum wheels with BFG mud terrain tires --Underside mounted spare tire with hoist...
  11. Robert OB 33/48

    Just a week through France

    Hello folks, Here a small report about our trip through France. I am writing the report on the mid-Europe section, but here I will try to keep you informed as well. All the pictures are on my Facebook page. And here I will copy my report. Today is day 4 and it is time to hit the sack. Well...
  12. G

    SOLD 2015 Turtleback Expedition $18k best offer

    It has been used less than ten times for probably less than 30 nights About 8k highway miles on the tires Garth Perez garthperez at yahoo dot com Feel free to ask any questions Will consider delivery outside the Tampa area for $0.50 a mile depending on sale price Check out their website for...
  13. KC2BUN

    Runaway Campers....

    so on our recent camping trip my better half admitted that I was right! she said that the style camping and trips we take a micro camper be best for us, I have been looking at the Runaway Camps for some time now. I believe they will be our best option for two reasons 1.) price 2.) adaptability...
  14. Hank Outdoors

    Overland Trailer Axle

    I am looking into building a trailer for my RTT and I am looking for advice on what those of you who have built trailers used for an axle. Did you go with a trailer axle from a Tractor Supply type store? Did you have to narrow the axle? How big of a weight rating did you go for the axle? Thanks...
  15. C

    4x6 enclosed trailer

    I've been looking at building or buying an overland trailer. I've been really interested in the jackwagon, CVT, schutts And others. My problem is being 6'3 the very low tables that some do come with would be hard to utilize due to my height. I've been considering getting a 4x6 enclosed trailer...
  16. TOTA

    Member 6520

    I'm not sure if I am supposed to start a new thread or add a post to the other one so I'll do both. I'm David and I live near Possum Kingdom Lake which is west of Ft Worth, Texas. I've grown up camping and doing various outdoor activities. Last year I built a camping/overland/expedition...
  17. Lead Dog

    FOR SALE 5X8 Hiker Med Duty Tear Drop/Sq Drop {SOLD}

    Hiker 5x8 Med Duty Ready to Rip & Camp! $8,700 Las Vegas, NV 5x8 Med Duty $8700 Lg Galley door, A Frame Const, 17" Rubicon Take Offs, 3500 lb Hi Clearance Torsion Susp, Jeep Style flat fenders, Rear Stab Jacks. Pewter in color Black Doors Black Trim Fantastic Fan "forward" Extra Side Door 2...
  18. Dean

    My "Poor Man's Teardrop" off-road camping trailer (M101 based)

    Background: Why a trailer? A few things contributed to my desire to have an enclosed off-road camping trailer. First, I was sick and tired of dealing with a tent. I found out the hard way I'm not as young as I once was (ow, my back), I waste a lot of time setting and packing up my tent...
  19. East Coast Expedition

    Tiny Camper Expedition Build

    My trailer is a 1986 Bonair 13ft this is when i just purchased it in 2015.
  20. Mademan925

    Mademan925's "home made" Expo Trailer

    My buddy bought an old Caltrans trailer and started building an expedition style trailer a few years ago. He later had plans for a new trailer and let this one rust on the side of his house. I picked it up cheap and spent days removing rust. Then I took it to my buddies metal shop and he helped...