north carolina

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  1. Aaron Parker

    South Western NC/SC - Gorges State Park Area

    Hey all, I stumbled onto something pretty cool, that SOMEHOW had gotten under my nose this long. I don't think I have even been to this area yet, and my wife and I have spent a good deal of time in the NC mountains. The Video link below turned me onto it. I like the videos and the heart...
  2. Maverick9110E

    US Southeast Triangle Area NC Overland Meetup 8/15/20

    Social get together for Any and all Overlanders that want to join in.View Rally Point
  3. Defiant 1776

    Eastern NC Meet up.

    Anyone around Eastern NC want to have a meet up! We can grab coffee or lunch and talk about Rigs, Planned trips etc. I'm located near Greenville NC.
  4. Relic6.3

    Cancelled Blue, Brew & Que Festival, Duplin County NC

    Anyone interested in a meet up at the 2020 Blue, Brew & Que Festival on Saturday, March 28, 1000-2000 EST? Event officially starts at 1100 so we can compare rigs and take notes before it starts.View Rally Point
  5. M

    New guy in Northern VA

    Hello folks! I’m in Alexandria Va, retired from the Marine Corps last year, and really want to do some overland camping with my boys in the Washington and Jefferson National Forests this fall (Mama’s an indoor girl). I would love to hear from those with experiences in this region. My vehicle is...
  6. NC-Trooper

    US Southeast NC/SC Brown Mountain OHV Overnight Trip - 04/06/2019

    GAMETIME! This is an overnight group trip to Brown Mountain OHV near Pisgah National Forest. The plan is to meet in the Charlotte area, convoy to Brown Mountain, offroad to the top and stop for a lunch break, finish the trail, descend into the Beech Mountain area to camp for the night. There...
  7. Aztec1369

    First Overland Trip - TX to NC and back.

    This is my first thread and our first overland trip. Our vehicle is a 2018 4Runner ORP. We are working on upgrades and armor right now in preparation for this trip, which I have been "planning" since early December. There will be 4 of us, (Wife, 2 kids, and myself). 3/20 - We are starting in...
  8. NC-Trooper

    US Southeast Charlotte Overland Bound Meet-Up - 02/16/2019

    When: 02/16/2019 12:00 Where: South 21 Restaurant Matthews, NC WE WILL MEET INSIDE MOSTLY SO THIS IS NOT A WEATHER PERMITTING EVENT, IT WILL HAPPEN RAIN OR SHINE! This is get together for Charlotte, NC and surrounding area overlander's and off-road enthusiasts. This event is for people with a...
  9. MaximusPrime

    Weekend Overland in NC

    I'm looking to do a Friday-Sunday trip, preferably in western NC. From what I've seen/done there are plenty of afternoon trails or one day trails. I'm wondering if anyone knows a good long trail system that would make a good weekend trip. I would say up to moderate difficulty, with good views...
  10. R

    Raptor width in NC... Are there any trails?

    Hi all, Im new to the forum. Glad to meet people in the local area. I am a 33 yo single fella, recently bought a Raptor to get back into offroading. I ride dirt bikes right now albeit I don't have anyone to ride with... so if you do please reach out!.... and im trying to find places I can...
  11. Cola

    US Southeast South Core Banks for New Years - 12/28/2018

    Plan on catching the davis ferry to the south core at 1200 on the 29th. Will depart the island 31st at 1700 when it closes for the winter. Cooler weather will keep the bugs and crowds at bay. Would love to have a few overlanders join us! View Rally Point Details
  12. Jack Houston

    US East Adventure at Portsmouth Island

    Most people are content with renting a beach house for a week. We're not. Portsmouth island is accessible only by ferry and contains no roads. 4X4 is required as all roads are made of sand. This adventure may not be too extreme, but all who come will enjoy it. On Sunday the 18th we'll meet...
  13. Mike Costa

    Portsmouth Island, NC

    Hey everyone, I wanted to share a Doc I put together to assist those with planning a trip to Portsmouth Island, NC when doing my search I found so many different resources and information in so many different places and wanted a more centralized place/doc to reference and use. I figure I'd...
  14. PaulK

    New Member in Western North Carolia (Spruce Pine)

    Hey All, New member here in Western NC, Spruce Pine to be exact. Just now getting into the whole off-roading thing as I moved here from Long Island 2 years ago... so... yea, Im a novice but a competent driver. Looking to make some friends, get into the sport and find some adventure...
  15. killallninjas

    Nantahala National Forest/ Great Smoky Mountains State Park?

    What are some of your favorite spots for camping in the Nantahala/Great Smokey Mountains area? Primitive is good. I'm not opposed to a campground that has relatively private spots, either. Another thought would be an overland type route for 3 days/2 nights. Ideas?
  16. NC4RNNR

    Hello from North Carolina

    Hello everyone! Excited to be a part of this community. I have been interested in overlanding in a lot of different but related ways for years. Starting to get more outfitted and always looking for opportunities to learn and experience with others. Anyone going to Overland Expo East?
  17. thedaddybadger

    SOLD Brand New CVT Mt. Shasta Extended, Summit Series, with Annex & Stargazer - GRAY

    Brand New: Purchased 3/29/2017 Used only 7 nights total. The annex has never been used except as a display. Mt. Shasta Summit, Extended Version, w/ Annex Room & Stargazer. This is a screaming deal for a brand new tent; basically 20% off. Retails New for $2,795.00 + Shipping. YOUR PRICE...
  18. NC-Trooper

    NC/SC Rigs, Coffee, & Wheel @ Uwharrie - 08/12/2017

    Come on out and spend a Saturday out getting to know other Overland Bound members from all across North & South Carolina! This is the perfect way to get together, make connections, talk rigs, and share stories. Whether you drive a lifted Wrangler on 37's or a stock Subaru Outback, all are...
  19. QCrunner

    Ron from Charlotte

    Hello all, new to the site and learning so much from all the great info here. I'm in the Charlotte area if anyone has contacts or clubs that wheel or camp in the area.
  20. Nicky B

    New member in Charlotte NC, suggestions for trips??

    Hey everyone, I'm not usually much of a forum guy, but I found this website and couldn't resist because it's exactly how I want to use my new truck. I live in Charlotte NC and I'm looking for places to take my truck where there are as few people as possible. I'm heading to Uwharrie National...