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  1. Gravel Seeker

    Pajero Gen 4 in Norway (aka Montero - 2014 model)

    I picked up a 2014 Pajero IV (4) this spring with 90.000kms on the clock and spent the summer starting to build it. Did some sound proofing of the cargo area and built a storage system for it. It's not done yet because 1) I was designing as I was building and 2) I changed the initial design idea...
  2. AndyH

    Sold the Rangie - now for something very different

    So after much deliberation and to'ing and froing and everything in between earlier this year I decided to part ways with my Range Rover Sport. A quick walk round of the build can be found here. It went through a lot of changes over the 2.5 years and approx 60,000km of ownership but it was...
  3. Overland_Mitsu

    Outlander Sport from WA!

    Hey everyone! I have been a long time reader and decided to finally sign up. My wife and I are avid campers and trail users and have been building up our Mitsubishi Outlander Sport into a mild overland/camping rig. It is definitely not the most likely choice for a vehicle but has great...
  4. HellsAngler

    SOLD 1992 mitsubishi Delica (Bay Area, CA) $19K instagram @wanderdustvan feel free to reach out with any questions. possibly open to trades/+cash for diesel LC's, 60 or 80 series cruisers, LR Disco's thanks for looking
  5. feetforbrains

    Spare Tire Paradox

    I upgraded my van's shoes last week. Which maximized the size of the tire I can run without additional lift. The problem, the 30" BFG AT K/O2s won't fit in the spare cage behind the rear axle. Right now I've "solved" the issue by removing the cage completely as well as the rear bench (which I...
  6. davis_664

    Our Canadian 3rd Gen Montero

    Well, we ditched the 2500HD in favour of something more fuel-efficient, comfortable and has a working 4-High. Didn't plan on it happening quite this quick to be honest, but seeing this on AutoTrader and a quick Google search for reviews, I figured I had to bump up the time frame... Works out...
  7. Kaioken

    Mitsubishi Montero Gen 2.5

    Howdy! Just moved to South Florida from Eureka, CA (hi Mike) and here I have a 1999 Mitsubishi Montero/Pajero with winter packed. Winter packed means it came with heated seats, headlight washers and Rear Differential Lock. I decided on the Montero because my family has had a few of the 1st...