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  1. Chadlyb

    Overlanders Supporting Veterans...Please get involved...YOU can make a difference in someone's life

    Primal Outdoors and Team Overland getting together to talk about our support for our veterans. Great topic and a great cause. Civilians and Veterans reaching out with a helping hand. I just became a member and look forward to being involved with something very near and dear to my heart. Please...

    Do you have an American flag on your rig?

    Do you have an American flag on your rig? 1) Vote YES or NO at the top of the page 2) Comment the location 3) Post a picture if you have one 'MERICA!
  3. GHQ1

    M416 Utility Trailer Restoration/Improvement (1967 Johnson Furnace)

    As much as we enjoy our Gobi rack, we discovered an everpresent need for more and varied space for all our camping gear. We looked at a lot of different military trailers and selected the M416 for its size, weight and durability. For months on end . . nothing . . .until a FB post pointed us...
  4. Navy-Jeeper

    Active Military & Veterans

    How many here are active duty or veterans? I am retired Navy after 26 years of active duty. Joined the Navy in 1984 and retired in 2010. Duty stations include, San Diego, Whidbey Island Wa, Lemoore Ca. Been deployed on more carriers that I can count and more sea time than should be allowed. I...
  5. Old Griz

    Army surplus uses??

    I was watching some videos where the guy was walking through a huge army surplus store in Idaho Falls . It got me to wondering if anyone has found good overlanding uses for surplus goodies ? (Other than humvees and 5 ton military trucks )
  6. Old Griz

    Any thoughts on this rig? $21,800 2,900 miles Has clean idaho title
  7. TheWitchAndTheWoodsman

    SOLD Bay Area, CA - M101A2 Trailer - $1700

    I've got an M101 A2 trailer that I'm looking to part ways with. I used it to move down from Oregon and was planning on building it out into a mobile workshop, but life has a funny way of changing direction. So now I'm just looking to get out of it what I paid earlier this year. It's in great...
  8. Laughing Otter

    OB Challenge Coins for our currently deployed members...

    So...a day or so ago I saw the post "What is a Challenge Coin?" in the OB FAQ section. The post explained how they could be earned or bought. After I read the post...I happened to glance over at a care package I was putting together for a new friend of mine and an OB member, @Gnasher_PNW . He's...