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  1. Michael

    Member Map Snapshot

    Hey Members and non-members alike! You probably know there is a member map, and it has been growing like crazy lately! I thought it would be cool to share the current member map of the USA! If you want to see your region of the world, let me know in this thread and I'll post it! Also, I may...
  2. Tom K

    3D Printed FJ Grille Overland Bound Badge Mount

    I have one Overland Bound member badge on the back of my FJ, and I've been planning to mount the other one somewhere up front for a while. I hadn't found an easy way to get a clean mount - you need something with a nice flat surface for the badge to stick to, and then you need a way to securely...
  3. Michael

    Member Number? Upgrade Your Account! Read

    Are you an Overland Bound Member with a membership number? If so, upgrade your forum account for free! You will gain access to the private Member Forums, the Member Map, and the Overland Bound Member Event Calendar! Post here with any questions. Post in this forums to have your account...
  4. Corrie

    Overland Bound WA Trip - August 2016

    Hey everyone - @Michael and I are starting to plan a 3-day trip in the WA area the weekend of July 22nd. Here's the logistics... I would drive up from Nor CA and arrive Thurs 7/21 with the rig, and then pick up Michael from SEA that evening. We'd hit the road on Friday morning, and then we'd...
  5. Michael

    New Video - Alabama Hills!

    We recently traveled to Alabama Hills, CA with a few Members to camp under the shadow of Mount Whitney, and visit the Cerro Gordo Mining ghost town! We were joined by a number of Overland Bound Members during the journey along the way. Enjoy Part I, Part II coming soon!