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    FOR SALE Louisville KY: Like new Front Runner 4Runner Roof Rack with Awning, Table and Accessories

    4Runner (5th Gen) 3/4 Slimline II Roof Rack Kit ($1,025.00) MaxTrax Mounting Pin Set ($59.99) Quick Release Awning Mount Kit ($178.00) Pro Stainless Steel Camp Table ($557.00) Pro Table Under Rack Bracket ($79.95) Easy-Out Awning ($349.00) MaxTrax Black ($299.00) Recovery Device Flat Mounting...
  2. bama_life_FX4

    New Setup 2019 Ford Ranger FX4

    Been a while since I've posted and the truck has gone over a pretty good overhaul since then. Upgraded the suspension to a 3.5" Fabtech lift, swapped out the tires for 275/70/R17 BFG KO2s and Fuel Ammo wheels. Added a solar panel and power distribution box. Added Roush Air Intake and exhaust...
  3. CURRIN1776

    2011 F150 FX4 Build is Now Underway

    Hello Everyone, New Member and looking forward to learning and sharing. I'm in Southeast GA about an hour North of Savannah. Well versed in Survival, Prepping, Camping, etc. Lots of Offroad adventures growing up and time spent in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping and practicing survival...
  4. Aikiman

    MaxTrax group buy

    I have been looking at buying Maxtrax. I contacted them and they said if we get 20 people signed on for a group buy, they will offer a 15% discount (full size tracks are $300.). They will charge shipping (for example $13 to SF Bay Area; more further away). So will shipped direct to you from...
  5. SwampcatJeep

    FOR SALE NE Oklahoma - FR Slimline II Roof Rack Accessory Mounts - FREE SHIPPING TO USA

    These will fit any FR Slimline II rack. They're not specific to the Jeep model. I sold my rack with my Jeep about 4 months ago. Kept these accessories planning to get another Slimline for my new Jeep JLU, but FR won't have their new rack design out until next year sometime and I can't wait...
  6. Jacob LaTour

    Maxtrax or DeLorme?

    I have a little money to throw at the truck. Was thinking a set of Maxtrax. Recently ive been reading about navigation tools, im thinking about giving a DeLorme or something similar a try. Currently I just save offline google maps. Just downloaded Gaia, haven't tried it yet.. Wondering what you...
  7. GXnGS

    SOLD Maxtrax Brackets Bay Area CA

    Now that I have Jerry can holders on the bumper and a Maxtrax bag, I'm finally selling a few items: 2x Rhino Rack Pioneer Maxtrax Side Brackets with Maxtrax Pin set. Retails for $150, yours for $120 shipped...
  8. Samuel Brown


    Is their a cheaper alternative? Or is the market a monopoly?
  9. Landon Scott Grimm

    FOR SALE Central Florida - Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray roof rack - $750 - Local Only

    Hello, I'm selling a Rhino Rack Pioneer Tray 41100. The interior dimensions are 55"Lx45"W, the external dimensions are 60"Lx49"W. And it's about 5.5" deep. I literally bought and received it a few weeks ago but after seeing it in person it is shorter than I desire. I literally haven't even used...
  10. Shawn Rossmiller

    2016 Chevy Colorado Build

    I have a 2016 Chevy Colorado Z71 4x4 CCLWB. I built the storage system in the back to house everything. It is actually surprisingly light at about 110lbs empty. I have a Trail Geara light bar in the lower grill, a TG light bar on the roof rack, and some small 8" lights on the sides and in the...
  11. Jelorian

    Speedmasters Traction Tracks

    Been doing research on the different traction aids that are out there and came across these by Speedmasters. I have no experience with these and no affiliation with the company. Just wanted to pass along some info. Currently they are currently 25% off the normal price of $103 on their own...
  12. Mademan925

    Traction Board Review

    "Are those Maxtrax?" This was the question we received whenever anyone noticed our bright orange traction boards. "No..." we explained, "They are Maxsa Innovations boards." We had been using these boards for years and they never let us down. They never broke and we were content with their...