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  1. A-Aron

    US Rocky Mountain Expedition Utah's Annual Overland Skills Camp - Central Utah

    Register @ This unique experience offers classroom training combined with hands-on practical application of what you’ve learned. Overland Skills Camp is intended for people that want to get into “Overlanding”, but don’t know where to start. Get ready for 3 days of...
  2. S

    Map for Navigating Maine

    Hey everyone, new member to this site/overlanding, but pretty experienced in the outdoors (new to having a tough car). I like navigating by map and compass, or at the very least having one, and I'm looking for solid maps of Maine. The Delorme Maine Atlas and Gazetteer is no longer in production...
  3. Ubiety

    Update to USB-C Ideas? (Jeep Wrangler)

    In a bit of a quandry - instead of updating my 2017 Wrangler's non-touch-screen head unit to a touch screen I bought an iPad Pro for navigation and to serve up music to the head unit. This is not going as smoothly as I had hoped for... The center console allows me to stream music from the iPad...
  4. J

    What maps and GPS for the Trans America Trail?

    Hey all, new member here on the forum and I'm looking to see who's done the TAT in their rig. I'm wondering what GPS gear you guys would recommend and where to get/download the maps. I'm thinking about getting an iPad Mini w/ Cellular and GPS. I would obviously download the maps for offline mode...
  5. Trail_Blazer

    Trip Planning and Navigation using ONX Maps

    I searched for Onx Maps on the site, but didn't find any reference to it. One of the big challenges is planning off-road or back road trips in the open spaces. A lot of these areas are owned by ranchers and farmers that don't want you on their property. And you can't really blame them when...
  6. Kurt Van Volkinburg

    Offline Topo Map Application for Windows Laptop

    Hi all, new here. I've been trying to find a windows application that allows caching of topo maps (think USFS maps with trails marked) and having a pretty difficult time find anything in line with what I'm looking for. Basically I want to do on my laptop what I can do with a backcountry...
  7. CaseyW

    Over-road: comprehensive route planning tools

    Looking for recommendations for a good route planning website and app combo that would help with routing a multi-day long distance road trip. Bonus if it has logic for fuel range, daily start/stop timing, camping/hotel recommendations along the route. This is a different focus than trail...
  8. Travelatomoverland

    What information to include when planning a trip?

    Hi! So i am currently making a few maps of overland routes that i would like to do in the future and also share with you guys. I am using Google Maps and Google Earth at the moment to search and create routes. While creating the actual driving route is no problem to me i am wondering what...
  9. Captain Josh

    General Trip Planning

    How do you plan for a trip to parts unknown? Maps are a great place to start, but what else do you use to determine what areas to explore, what's available, local rules and regulations, etc. Good advance planning makes for a positive experience, so how do you all do it?
  10. TravelingTuttles

    Baja and mainland Mexico map recommendations?

    We are planning to cross the border near San Diego and head into Baja for an extended trip through Mexico. Ideally, we'll find a place to stay for a bit and get the language down before moving into the mainland, but I would love to be well equipped with some good maps. Does anyone have any...
  11. FreelandRyan

    GPS options?

    Hello all, hopefully I've got this up in the right section. I am looking for the best viable option for navigation systems on and off road and suggestions/reviews would be greatly appreciated. It seems through search I cant find much in the way of navigation. Currently I have a My Gig...
  12. BEAR

    North America Hema App

    Hema Maps just launched its app for North America! with their app you get access 4x4 or overland routes. you can track your GPS location in real time using offline maps. you can save a log of your trip with track recordings, geotagged photos, waypoints and trip notes. you can even back up all...
  13. Michael

    Downloadable Overland Bound Routes!

    Hey all, We just added some of our Overland Bound Routes to the forums. The are downloadable for: Google Earth (KML Files) GPS Units (GPX Files) I took the time to trace the routes once the paths were imported to make sure the information is accurate. All routes start at a landmark that is...