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  1. J

    A True Reflection of a Defender 110 Overlander.

    I am a Member based in South Africa . I kindly ask Members for your support to Like and Subscribe to my channel. To help me make a success of my channel. Kind Regards Joel
  2. Ohio Valley Overland

    US Southeast GEARS & BEERS

    Beer and's kinda complicated so read the instructions....
  3. RondjeAarde

    2003 LandRover Discovery 2 TD5 OverlandBuild

    Hey everyone!! We are two guys from The Netherlands. After having been busy with our rig for a while, we opened a forum for this build. We bought a LandRover Discovery 2, 6 months ago to make a big trip from The Netherlands to Mongolia (are going to start a separate forum here) In short, we...
  4. Fozzy325

    Discovery4/LR4 3rd row seat conversion

    I'm Looking for anyone with experience or who has removed the 3rd row seat in the LR4 and replaced it with storage things or watertanks, etc.. Please find some ideas below. do you have any ideas or solutions?
  5. sportingroverguy

    Hello from CT!

    Hi All, I'm excited to join your ranks and look forward to meeting some of you in the near future (on the trails, preferably)! 1) Pictures: @sportingroverguy on instagram 2) Location: Lower Fairfield County, Connecticut 3) Rig: 1989, Landrover 110 CSW 4) Overlanding Experience: Novice until...
  6. abrahamfh

    SF Bay Area In need of paint and body

    Hello everyone. I just moved to the East Bay from Southern California and am in dire need of a body and paint shop. I have a 2000 Land Rover Disco SIII in white gold with beige interior and looking to make a change. Thinking about going dark mint which I think would look pretty good with the...
  7. nickburt

    Vehicle Security - the rig itself.

    What security do you have? A side from making sure nothing is left on display, or left in the rig, what security do folk have for preventing theft of the vehicle itself? Here in the UK, theft of Landrovers, especially Defenders, is big business for the criminal fraternity. Not a day goes buy...
  8. D3Overland


    Never go anywhere without mine ;-)...any one else?
  9. erinw.rrc

    2012 Land Rover LR4 Build - Installing a Snorkel on a NAS LR4/D4

    So, my rig is pretty much done except for a few things I have left (rear storage is one). Some of you know that I attempted to install a snorkel on my 2012 LR4. It was installed to reduce dust, not water. Too many electronics in these new trucks and too risky. However, the 5.0 V8 has two air...
  10. BEAR

    Our Mendo Adventure

    Last Sunday my wife and son and I left the Bay Area around 11 am to head up to the Mendocino National Forest to do a overnight camping trip. The always accurate weather man had predicted that the rain was supposed to let up on Friday night and taper down. Even if it was raining a little that...