Our Mendo Adventure

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Last Sunday my wife and son and I left the Bay Area around 11 am to head up to the Mendocino National Forest to do a overnight camping trip. The always accurate weather man had predicted that the rain was supposed to let up on Friday night and taper down. Even if it was raining a little that wasn't going to stop us. When we left there was actually patches of clear sky and it was sunny. We headed north and into Indian casino land and the rain gods opened up. We laughed and wondered what we were getting ourselves into and hoped that it would ease up. Eventually we turned into the forest, our destination was Bear Creek Campground. We winded up the paved and potholed road to the summit. as we climbed the temperate dropped. It actually started snowing ever so slightly at the summit. The snow didn't stick to the ground and it was a wet snow, but snow none the least. We made the turn onto a dirt road called Bear Creek Rd. The road went down hill and up hill and went through a little bit of mud but was very tame. At this point my wife is getting a little scared but I calm her because we were getting close to the campground. She wanted to turn around but I wanted to keep going and if we didn't like it then we come back. as I was rounding a turn I stopped almost immediately. she was a little startled and looked up to see a raging river cutting through the road. I then said "Okay, lets turn around." Long story short we decided to just make the trek back home because at this point the weather was not letting up and it was getting cold, snow cold. we passed through some towns one Hwy 175 and saw some of the devastation from the valley fire.

We had a good little day trip. We were all outfitted and ready to go but the rain gods said no.

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